is one of the most popular financial books for women ever written. A perennial bestseller for over two decades, now Bach returns with a completely updated, expanded and revised edition,, to address the new financial concerns and opportunities for todays women. With, you will feel like you are being coached personally by one of Americas favorite and most trusted financial experts.

New York Times, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Businessweek bestseller

The national best selling book,Smart Couples Finish Rich, teaches couples of all ages how to work together on their finances as a team. Smart Couples Finish Rich has the same easy-to-read style and action-oriented format that made Smart Women Finish Rich a bestseller. Having worked one-on-one with hundreds of couples as a financial advisor, and having spoken to hundreds of thousands in his seminars, David shares exactly what you can do to become a couple that truly lives a rich life.

A multi-million copy bestseller that has been translated around the world. Its simple, powerful message has been helping readers for over a decade since its first printing in 2004.   Launched onThe Oprah Winfrey Show,this little gem of a book shows how you can automate your way to financial security. Whether you have a head start on retirement or are perhaps living paycheck to paycheck,The Automatic Millionairewill teach you how to live and finish rich.

David always recommends new readers start with this book!

New York Times, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Businessweek bestseller

Davids first book,Smart Women Finish Rich, was released in hardcover in 1999 and quickly became a national bestseller, spending over a decade on the bestseller lists and helping millions of women with its message of financial empowerment. With over 100 new pages of newly revised information, find out why this book is the most successful finance book ever written for women.

InStart Late, Finish Rich, David Bach takes the Finish Rich wisdom that has already helped millions of people and tailors it specifically to all of us who forgot to save, procrastinated, or got sidetracked by lifes unexpected challenges. Whether you are in your thirties, forties, fifties, or even older, this book will show you that you really can start late and still live and finish rich.

Wall Street Journal, Business Week and USA Today bestseller

In this, the third book in the FinishRich Series, youll find innovative exercises, checklists and planning tools that put the FinishRich wisdom to work.The Finish Rich Workbookdebuted on The Wall Street Journal, Business Week and USA Today Best Seller Lists and reached 1 on and m. Now, The Finish Rich Workbook gives couples and singles alike a new opportunity to tailor Davids advice to their individual circumstances.

A fantastic companion to the highly successful book,The Automatic Millionaire, this workbook lets you tailor that strategy to your own financial life in a line-by-line personal plan.

This edition was created specifically for the Hispanic community. How does an ordinary person with an ordinary income reach their seven-figure dreams? First they must own their own home. Americas most loved financial coach, David Bach has helped millions to finish rich. Now hes back with a simple, powerful solution to build your wealth in real estate.

How does an ordinary person with an ordinary income reach their seven-figure dreams? First they must own their own home. Americas most loved financial coach, David Bach has helped millions to finish rich. Now hes back with a simple, powerful solution to build your wealth in real estate.

Most people think that going green is an expensive choice they cant afford. Who better than Americas Money Coach, David Bach, to tell you that you can have both a life in line with your green values and a million dollars in the bank? From driving the right car to making your home energy smart, David Bach offers ways to improve the environment, spend less, save more, earn more and pay fewer taxes. Best of all, he shows you exactly how to take advantage of the green wave in personal finance without the difficult work of evaluating individual stocks.

Fight for Your Moneyshows how you are being taken on your cell phone contract, cable bill, car purchase, credit cards, life insurance, healthcare, 401(k) plan, airfare, hotels and much more. When you know how the system is rigged with either the extra points, the hidden fees, the late charges, the unused tax breaks, the escalating rates, you can save literally thousands every year. Its like having David sitting over your shoulder coaching you on every little-to-big money decision you need to make and helping you get the best deal.

Modern American life is filled with the language of mortgages, credit cards, investing, inheritances, pensions, and all the other financial situations we find ourselves in every day. A basic understanding of this vocabulary is essential in making smart money decisions. Whether you are a business school student or a homeowner taking out a mortgage,The Finish Rich Dictionary, 1001 Financial Words You Needto Know is the perfect vocabulary building companion to the complex world of money and finance.

Recessions make millionaires! Will you be one? InStart Over Finish Rich, Americas best-loved financial expert, David Bach, explains that 2010 will be the best opportunity for building wealth we have seen in decades. And, as the economy recovers, you must be set up to recover with it. Bachs easy, take-action plan will show you how.

Start Over, Finish Richsupplies the ten crucial moves you must make in 2010 to get back on track and recapture your dreams of a richer future.

A recession is a terrible thing to wasteso dont waste this one! Use it instead to get rich. ReadStart Over, Finish Richand let David Bach put you and your family back on the path to financial freedom.

(*This book is worth reading to see how correct Davids advice proved to be during the last recession.  Its also a great guide on how to best bounce back when we hit another market downturn or recession).

Debt Free For Lifeoffers a revolutionary new approach to personal finances that teaches you how to eliminate your debt and adopt a whole new way of living debt free.

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4 simple ways to lower your interest rate on a credit card

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FIND THE MONEY 7 ways to find hundreds of dollars (maybe thousands) in less than an hour

And much, much more! Eliminate your debt and buy back your freedom.

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