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What happens when youre instantly drawn and inexplicably attracted to a man you havent really met?

What happens when youre instantly drawn and inexplicably attracted to a man you havent really met?

Me? Well, I left a party like my butt was on fire when it happened to me. Arrogant, wealthy and physically perfect men were nothing but trouble, even if I was mesmerized by a man with all of those attributes.

Unfortunately, we met againin person this time when I literally collided with Carter Lawson in the flesh several days later, and discovered he was a man I just couldnt stay away from, no matter how much I tried. He felt the same attraction, and was determined to make it impossible for me not to see him.

My body craved him, and as I got to know the real man behind the jaded billionaire, womanizer facade, I was surprised to discover that I actually liked him.

Hes the quintessential alpha male that I normally hate, but theres something I see in him that nobody else does, a pain I recognize in his glacier-like eyesbecause Im just like him. Both of us are frauds

I want to crack him like an egg, and see whats inside, but theres no way I want him to do the same thing to me.

On the surface, Im a successful supermodel with a great career.

Inside, Im someone else, a woman that nobody seesuntil Carter slowly breaks through my defensive walls as well as he satisfies my body, starting to open wounds that have never really healed.

But theres only so much I can let Carter see. Revealing everything could ruin my entire life and the career Id worked so hard to build.

So why was it so hard to lie to Carter like Id been doing with everyone else my entire life?

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