He strides closer, his eyes focused intently on me. I stumble backwards, feeling the cold wall press against my back. He stops inches away from me, forcing me to stare at his dark brooding eyes. I was enthralled by them, luring me in. What are you…


I kept waiting, waiting for them to stop, but it seems like Parker didnt even fuckin move,

I cleared my throat and Parker pushed Abby away from the kiss, i walked closer to Parker and grabbed him by the collar, his color paled as he met my eyes,

How about we have a little talk Parker? He gulped as i dragged him away from the house and to the side of the car,

Look man i got shocked, be cool man- I pushed him to the side of the car hard, he winced on the impact of his back with the metal car,

Explain to me why you kept her kiss for that long i hardend my stare at him, i gritted my teeth waiting for his response,

I-uh..I-didnt know..wha-what to do so I- I pushed him harder to the metal car, he cursed hard as i gripped my hold on his collar,

Do that one more time and youll be dead.. i let go of him, he exhales deeply, i turned to my right to see Abby staring at us in shock,

What are you doing? She questioned, fear could be heard through her voice,

No..nothings happening Abby..id like you to meet my friend Dave here He patted my shoulder, earning a glare at me, he winced as his back ached from the movements,

Wait, you look oddly familiar.. My eyes lit up at her words, she stroke a hand under her chin like she had a beard,

She walked closer to me and looked at me straight in the eyes,

Your eyes look like ive been staring at them for a long time She said and leaned in so close to me, our lips were only inches apart,

I glanced to her lips and back to her eyes, those beautiful blue eyes, deep in color and deep with emotions,

Your the guy from the hospital she explained, i frowned, this wasnt what i thought she would say,

Yes but you and i have beenfriendsever since i try to make her remember but she shakes her head,

No no…im sure that ive only met you at the hospital, thats the only memory i recall… but blurry images flashed in my mind she squinted her eyes in a far corner,

Anyways…Dave would like to ask you about something Abby.. I turned my head to Parker, giving him aIm going to kill youlook,

Yes what is it? She asked and met my eyes, i darted my eyes to another object, not wanting to meet her blue eyes,

What is it Dave? My heart felt relief as she pronounced my name like before this stupid accident happened,

I was wondering if youd like to go eat with me? I asked while she furrowed her eyebrows at me,

Sure why not She said and walked back inside her house,

I smiled as at her response, i wanted to jump up and down and scream to the world that i am a man,

See man wasnt that easy? I rolled my eyes at Parker, he checked his watch and gasped as he saw the time,

Oh man im late, i have to go, good luck with your date! He yelled as he hailed a cab, gets inside and went off,

I chuckled as the cab takes off, i turned my attention to the front door,

Abby walked closer to me while eating a small bar of chocolate,

She looke stunning in her flat white shoes and floral dress, and her hair naturally wavy,

She meets my eye and smiles,showing her cute dimples,

Wheres Parker? She asks us she stops beside me, i grimace as the thought of her kissing Parker, but i shook it off,

He said he had to go to something important, a date Her face turned to pain but she replaced it quickly into a unusual face,

The ride was extremely silent, i glanced from the side mirror next to her, she kept her eyes on her white flats, not even making a conversation with me,

Lovely day isnt it? I mentally face palm myself, my lips made a thin line, she seems to have heard me so she answered,

Yeah…lovely…whyd you ask? She questions me and turns to look at me,

Nothing..because the weather would affect our outing if it rains i explain and she nods, we arrive at our destination, the city park,

I get out and open the door for her, she stares in awe,

Ooo! Ice cream! She grabs my hand and pulls me to the small ice cream store,

She orders a rose ice cream cone for both of us, it had strawberry, chocolate and vanilla,

This is good She licks her sweet cone and looks at me,

Why arent you eating yours? I lean in closer to her, surprisingly she doesnt back away,

I lean in closer to her ear, her vanilla fragrant smells addicting,

You dont know how long ive wanted you i whisper into her ear, she places a hand on my chest and pushes me away gently,

I smile and eat my ice cream, she continues eating as well,

Look Dave, the kids are so cute She points to the kids on the playground,

But one thing caught my eye, i stared at the two children before speaking,

Abby..look at those kids i point anf she follows,

See the boy? Hes giving the girl a ring, and places the ring on the girla pinky, the girl smiles and hugs the boy…and see..you can see the boy sayingThis would be a reminder of our futureand look they hug together i finish and continue to watch the two children,they head back to their houses laughing and smiling,

Yeah…they look so sweet.. do you think that promise would come true? She asks me and i stare back at her,

I notice a smudge of ice cream on the side of her lip,

Dave? I dont answer and lean in closer to her, i lick the smudge and lick her lips, she stiffened in her place, her breathing paused and she looked at me in shock,

What? We dont have tissue i lick on my ice cream and she blinks at me,

Uhuh.. She nods her head and stares at my ice cream, and looks at my eyes,

Why do i suddenly feel like dj vu, its like this already happen before? I stare at her, a flick of hope enters in me,

Exactly i say and continue back to eating my ice cream