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Why Do Asian Women Sign Up For International Dating Sites?

Asian Dating Is Different Than Western Dating

Things to Consider Before Seeking an Asian Bride

Asian brides are beautiful often the most beautiful and talented women in their countries.  But that is only part of what attracts so many Western men to seek girlfriends and wives in the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam,China, or another Asian nation.

Although, looks are still important men repeatedly rave about their Asian wifes kindness, compassion, and genuine loving nature.

For many Western men the love of an Asian woman is a balm that soothes their heart and heals them body and soul.  This is not an exaggeration.

Although, it is hard to generalize a lot of retired military men who have seen and done very hard things finally end up happily married to an Asian bride who cures his bad dreams with love.

A good Asian wife loves her husband without hesitation, vacillation, or questions.  That is the cultural expectations that most young girls grow up with and for many men it is an amazing experience that allows them to forget past failures, recover their health, and move forward to new successes.

Unconditional love is one of the best medicines known to manand women from Asia are expert doctors of love.

Men know this.  It is no big secret and the numbers prove it. For most of the last decade the vast majority of mail order brides moving to the United States,according to fiance visa applications, come from the Philippines, China, and Vietnam.

The Asian continent is a huge area that covers nearly 30% of the he worlds total land mass. There are literally tens of millions of single women in this vast area who would prefer to marry a Western man than a local guy, but until the advent of the internet it was difficult for a foreign man to find an Asian wife.

Now, an American or European man can log on to a variety of websites and see that there are innumerable Asian women online who are beautiful, talented, and really want to marry a Western man.

And many men are really interested in meeting an Asian woman because of their beauty and sex appeal, but also because of the traditional view of marriage that most Asian women still have.

Girls in China, Vietnam, and the rest of Asia grow up in a culture that still places an enormous amount of importance on being a good wife.  Most Asian women want to be the primary source of joy and happiness for their husband.

Yes, it is true that things do not always work out perfectly, but the overwhelming majority of Asian women really want to be a great wife in a way that is a little unusual in the West today.

Asian mail order brides have a reputation for being exceptionally devoted to their husbands and children.  Most of them are not trying to balance marriage and a career.

For most Asian wives any career is clearly a secondary consideration, often to be considered only after the children are grown.  For a lot of men from the United States or Europe that is extremely attractive, but there are things that a man needs to consider.

Marriage minded women from China, Vietnam, Thailand, or the Philippines do not just want ANY Western man. They want a special Western man who understands their individual needs. If you want to be that special man for a beautiful Asian lady read closely and pay attention.

Before you get worked up about it marriages that develop from meetings on the international dating sites here on International Love Scout are NOT arranged marriages.  It is important for a Western man to have some understanding of the tradition of arranged marriages in Asian culture.

It is hard to imagine in the twenty-first century, but until about seventy years ago nearly all Asian women were married in arranged marriages.

If this system had not broken down international marriages would be extremely rare in Asia and the modern Asian mail order bride movement could have never developed.

Until at least World War II there were heavy cultural restrictions designed to control the choices young women had for their mate generally through the process of an arranged marriages.

After 1945 Asia was swept up in a wave of anti-colonial movements that not only pushed out the French, British, Dutch, and Americans but also knocked down many of the traditional cultural restraints that had prevented young women from dating and marrying whomever they wanted.

This political tidal wave and the cultural changes it encouraged cannot be underestimated.

In the 1950s and 1960s women across Asia got a small dose of Western feminism that led to the end of many of the harshest constraints on young women, like foot binding and the general policy of not educating girls, but Asian women did not buy into the entire feminist manifesto.

Asian women took the good parts of feminism and stopped before they went stark raving mad like many women in the United States, Europe, and especially Canada.

These political and cultural changes encouraged Asian brides challenge the patriarchal societal norms that forced women to decide on a mate from a very small pool of men or simply accept as a husband whomever they were told to marry.

Arranged marriages of some sort were the norm, but it has to be remembered that the betrothed either the bride or the groom often had no say in whom they were marrying, and it is probably best to regard these arrangements as forced marriage.

Usually, a brides father had the right to decide on her groom, but this varied widely.  A father might allow his wife or daughter input into his decision about which suitor to choose, but usually he did not have to ask her.

And sometimes a father did not have much choice because of caste rules and traditional family alliances.  Sometimes this might mean the entire acceptable marriage pool for a woman might be one single man.

Other times the father of the bride might have to defer his decision to village elders or even her his creditors selected for her.

In an arranged marriage a woman has to marry someone that she is not in love with for the good of her family. A young woman usually focuses on marriage as a duty to her family and community and hopes to eventually grow to love her husband.

Often these marriages dodevelop into happy relationships, but the process is totally antithetical to the concept of romantic love that has dominated Western concepts of romance and marriage since the Middle Ages.

Because an arranged marriage envisions daughters as property of their fathers Western feminist universally oppose arranged marriages.

Despite these changes the tradition of arranged marriage is still strong across much of Asia, particularly in India. It is hard to get good statistics about just what percentage of women are pushed into forced marriages across Asia, but the number is significant.

And even where the practice has largely died out the basic contours of the practice continue to have an important influence, but it is nothing like it was a hundred years ago.

What does that mean?  It means that for most Asian co-eds or young professionals still will not marry without the approval of their families.

We will discuss this further down in our section on Asian dating tips, because a Western man needs to be very careful about how he handles his Asian girlfriends family.

Until the 1960 very few Western men would ever meet an Asian woman for marriage, because of the vast distances which made travel and communication difficulties.  However, starting in the 1930s technology began to change things.

First, radio swept over Asia allowing sexy Asian women to listen to Western pop music and then television, which introduced many women across the region to Western material culture.

This is important, because no matter how hot a Vietnamese girl is she is probably never going to become your wife or girlfriend if you have absolutely no common interests.

So, the fact that radio, television, and films helped create some understanding between Asian countries and the West makes it much more likely that meetings will grow into relationships.

The Boeing 707 overcame the travel problems by allowing passenger airlines to introduce reliable jet service in 1958. The creation of the internet in the 1980s overcame the communication challenges.

These technological changes have made it much easier for Asian women to enthusiastically jump into international dating and today there are tens of thousands ofbeautiful Thai girlssexy Chinese womensweet Filipinas, and many other single Asian women signed up at international dating agencies.

They often WANT to be mail order brides in a way that even ladies from the most remote corner of Russia or Romania would balk at, because of the cultural residue of arranged marriage that makes the practice less jarring than for many Eastern European or Latin women.

With those odds just about any half way decent guy should be able to find a beautiful Asian bride.  Butbe sure you are a halfway decent guy.  These women deserve to be treated with kindness and respect and if you cannot do that, please close this page and spend some time getting your life in order first.

Asia is a huge area with vast disparities in wealth and education levels even within the same country. So, one of the main things to remember is to investigate the individual country and where the lady you are interested in is from.

The biggest difference among Asian women probably is where they actually grew up. If she is a city girl, regardless of her nation, she is much more likely to have been influenced by Western media and culture, but if she is a country girl she is likely to be much more a product of traditional Asian culture.

You just need to be aware of this urban rural breakdown. It really matters, but you should remember that the modern Asian woman, even one from a small village, is different from the mythic Asian bride of old.

The modern Asian bride is not just simply a submissive, silent angel like Cico-Cico San from PuccinisMadame Butterfly.

These women have grown up online, informed, and are very modern girls in many respects, and, really, it is worth remembering that Cico-Cico San was a very strong individual.

Traditionally, Asian wives might not have challenged their husband directly, but they often had a lot of subtle power. But it is important to remember that although most Asian mail order brides will seem extremely conservative to their Western husbands that these women are really trailblazers because they are not allowing nearly as much influence from their family as previous generations.

Lots of guys wonder why so many Asian ladies decide to become mail order brides. They often suspect that the ladies are simply scammers. That is totally unfair.

There are a lot of reasons why beautiful, talented women from across Asia sign up with international dating agencies.  Their reasons are almost universally sweet, kind, and completely logical.

Poverty is of course part of the equation. Asia has witnessed an incredible economic expansion in the years since 1970, but income distribution remains incredibly unequal. So, many beautiful Asian girls are living in abject poverty, but really most of those women are not online. They are still too poor to get online.

Most of the Chinese, Thai, and Vietnamese ladies you meet online come from relatively middle-class families. Many of them are college students. Some are very successful, particularly among the Chinese women, because the Chinese economy has opened many opportunities for smart, driven ladies, but societal expectation have not kept pace with economic growth.

Chinese women are basically considered old maids at twenty-one and hopelessoldmaids at twenty-five.

For Chinese women who have become doctors, lawyers, and engineers this is a romantic and professional disaster. These women have a stark choice: marry any man that will have them, possibly ruining their careers or go unmarried.

One of the main reasons that so many single Asian women sign up for international dating sites is thatWestern men have a great reputationwith many beautiful, talented, sweet young women in Thailand, Vietnam, and the Philippines.

Nearly, all of these ladies have heard from stories about women from their area who are happily married to a man from the United States or the European Union or perhaps Australia or New Zealand.

Today many of these women are actually are in touch with their relatives or friends who are already living in the United States or other Western nations.

They know that Western men tend to treat their women differently than most traditional Asian men. To some extent these ladies, like women across Latin America and Eastern Europe, watch Hollywood movies and television shows.

They see sweet kind men who generally treat their women with a level of devotion and respect rare in the society they grew up in.

The vast majority of the Asian girls have been raised in heavily patriarchal societies. Men dont do housework. Women do not question their husbands instructions. Men do not ask their wives opinions.

However, it is wrong to assume that this means that these women are submissive, but often the simply do not have any other option until they begin watching Western movies and television shows.

The idea that women could be treated like they see inThe NotebookorSomething About Maryis amazing to these girls like something from another planet.

This means that often Asian women seeking marriage are looking for a guy who will treat them the way that they see women treated in Europe, the United States, and other Western countries on television and in the movies.

So when you meet Asian women thank God and Thomas Edison for Hollywood, buddy, because it lets these lovely ladies know how they should be treated.

In Asia girls often are still married off in arranged marriages in some areas. In the worst cases girls are still sold like cattle. Sometimes the women have never even met their groom until their wedding day.

That is not the sort of relationship most Western men want when they go to meet Asian women.

Most Western guys who sign up at an International dating agency are not looking to buy a sex slave.

Asia girls are often frustrated that the men in their countries are not very romantic and that is one of the primary reasons that they sign up to be Asian mail order brides.

The woman may be defying the wishes of her family to marry a man from a Western country, because in some Asian countries it is still taboo to marry outside of your own ethnic or religious group.

So, the point is, dont assume that you know that much about Asian women. A lot of the stereotypes are outdated, unfair, and will get you into a lot of trouble.

Most Western guys really are looking for romance even if they feel like they have to travel halfway around the world to find it and there are many beautiful Asian mail order brides who are incredibly happy to be romanced.

The attitude of many guys is that, Hey, women are women. Well, that is true to a point, but there are some cultural differences between Asian women and Western women that are important to consider before you begin a serious relationship.

Asian brides are generally not as likely to offer their opinions as other women even when their husbands ask for their opinion. Many men like this situation initially, but it means that in an emergency the husband is completely responsible for the success or failure of the family.

Sometimes that puts more pressure on husbands than they really want, at least when things get tough.

Men that are not ready for that pressure should think twice about pursuing an Asian woman for marriage or begin planning how to develop a successful approach to the responsibility of being the absolute last, final word within his family.

All relationships grow and change and many men who build successful marriages with Asian brides begin planning for these responsibilities grow and change.

Early in the marriage the husband will probably be willing to accept all of the responsibilities, but gradually he will be happy to see the relationship grow and change so that he does not have to make every household and child-rearing decision.

And if the husband is significantly older than his wife he will want his wife to be able to make good decisions about his healthcare in his old age.

Asian cultures are generally very relationship oriented. They do not like dating or going from one person to the next. To the average Asian woman, her dream is to find a man and spend the rest of her life with him. She has no ambitions or intentions of going from one guy to the next.

So, generally your Asian girlfriend does not want to be your Asian girlfriend. She wants to be your Asian wife.

If an Asian girl is sincerely interested in you she probably hopes that you will be the one and the two of you will share a happy and fulfilling life together. This also means as a man you may find it much easier to stay in a successful relationship with an Asian woman than with a Western woman.

The reason is that breaking up or ending a relationship is much less desirable to an Asian woman. If a girl is with you, she is probably quite serious about you, and is looking at eventually marrying you.

Most women from Asia really dislike having multiple relationships or constantly breaking up with different guys. Its a very negative thing for women in Asia.

If a woman has had too many boyfriends in many Asian cultures, it can make it more difficult for her to find another boyfriend. This is because Asian men as a whole place great emphasis on a womans pureness and how few partners she has had. The ideal Asian woman only has one partner in her life.

This is not always true, it is only a generality. Just understand that Asian women as a whole are willing to work to make your relationship a success as long as you will meet them half way.

For the most part in Asian culture, once two people are together its generally very easy for them to stay together. The culture as a whole pushes people in relationships to stay in a relationship.

This is why it is advised you take your time. Carefully consider what kind of woman you want.

Then go through the trouble of finding the right one first, because once you do you will have a very easy time in your relationship.

My advice is if you need to get to know a girl first, be friends with her in the beginning. Then when you find the one who is right for you, date her and get into a relationship with her.

Its important to understand that in many Asian cultures, after a few dates an Asian girl will more or less think of you as her boyfriend.

If you attempt to follow the Western model of dating several girls to find the right one, you may find it difficult and frustrating. It is possible to do Western style dating in the bigger or more liberal cities of Asia, this is just going to vary from place to place.

Just keep in mind that Asia is more traditional and understand the culture you are in to avoid any misunderstandings or hurt feelings.

The most important thing is communication. If you are with an Asian girl and your intention is to be in a relationship with her, or to marry her, you can be much more open about it than in Western culture. Intending to marry a girl is something that is highly praised in Asian culture.

Especially as a Western man, many Asian people will hold you in high regard and respect for marrying a local girl, and not just intending to see her for a few weeks and then leave her.

So if you have these intentions, you can be much more open and upfront about them than in Western culture.

Indeed, depending on which country you are in, the topic may come up quite often. You may find many local Asian people asking you when you will be getting married, simply because you are in a relationship for a significant amount of time.

Its okay if you wish to wait for a few years, even five years. Or you can get married quite quickly too. Most women are more than happy to get married once they know you are the right one for them.

A lot of it is going to come down to you, how you feel about it, and if you are ready.

We are constantly working to add beautiful Thai women, gorgeous Vietnamese ladies, and perhaps even some sexy Japanese girls to the profiles we currently review.

However, many of the Asian personals sites are not up to our standards here at ILS, but we are always looking for newAsian personals siteswe can add. Keep your fingers crossed.

There are a lot of great international romance agencies in Asia, but most of them are focused exclusively on one country.ThaiCupidCupiddoes a great job for Thailand andJapanCupidhas a lot of Japanese girls, but no one site covers ALL of Asia better thanCherry Blossoms.

Cherry Blossoms is one of the oldest international dating agencies, perhaps the first, and they have profiles of literally tens of thousands of women from across Asia. Check out ourCherry Blossoms Reviewor go directly to their website and see for yourself.

But a new competitor is really challenging Cherry Blossom, AsianDate.

AsianDateis owned by Anastasia, the largest mail order bride company in the world. It has an incredible number of gorgeous Chinese women, along with sexy Thai girls, and sweet Filipinas as intensely devoted to the Catholic Church as your Irish or Italian grandmother.

The great thing about AsianDate is that it that you can quickly contact these amazingly sexy Asian girls through AsianDates amazingly quick andefficient chat system.

A Foreign Affair is another very strong competitor in certain countries, but their real advantage is that they offerAsian romance tours.Their tours have a great reputation.

You can relax and focus on meeting the right lady and they will take care of all the annoying little details like food and shelter.

Obviously, you need to follow the same basic set of rules on Asian dating sites as you do with any others.

This doesnt mean that you should assume everything is a scam, but you should ignore requests for money, offers of marriage after your first Skype chat, etc.

There are many important considerations you need to go through before marrying an Asian woman:

First you should thoroughly acquaint yourself with the customs and culture of the woman you intend to marry. They may have aspects to their culture that are very different than yours, and you need to be aware of them to avoid any future misunderstands.

For example In the past, in China, seeing a girls parents was the equivalent of announcing your engagement to her. Now, in western cultures, just visiting a girls parents is a step forward, but its not the same as putting a ring on her finger!

While not true with all Asian countries, in some countries you are pretty much obligated to support your wifes family and give them money every month. Ensure that you are clear about all of these things before moving forward.

If you plan to live in your Asian girls country, have you already tried living there before marrying her? If not, its strongly suggested you experience life abroad in that country and see if it is the right lifestyle for you before moving ahead and tying the knot.

If you are planning on bringing the girl to your own country, are you aware of the visa requirements for her country and everything that will be required of you to successfully bring her over? This can vary wildly from country to country, ranging from weeks to years, ensure you know beforehand.

One good way to familiarize yourself with your Asian girlfriends culture is through expat blogs from the country your woman is from. Often expats give detailed, nitty gritty details about things that no local person will think to tell you.

You may also want to talk to your embassy in the country the girl is from; your embassy is a very valuable resource that can give you deep insight into the country.

Often embassy staffs are experts on the particular country and understand it thoroughly. They can be a valuable resource to help you have a completely seamless, happy marriage.

Want to meet one of the amazing Asian ladies in the gallery above? Of course you do!

Well, you have two choices when planning your trip to Asia to find the love of your life:

Organize the entire trip yourself -this can be a lot of fun, but it also requires a lot of attention to detail, and if you make any mistakes you might not find out until you get to China, Thailand, or whatever your international destination is.

Simple things like not booking the right type of accommodation can be a real headache.

If youre not comfortable piecing the trip together yourself, instead you can just canbook a romance tour.

These are trips put together by International dating agencies, with the goal of introducing you to dozens of potential matches over a period of 10 14 days.

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A typical romance tour will cost in the region of $3,000. That might leave you with an initial case of sticker shock, but its worth remembering that this price includes everything for your trip except your flights.

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To be honest, its guys of all ages and from all walks of life. Youll be traveling with IT managers, retired execs, and even young digital nomads.

Youll all have one thing in common you want to meet and date and Asian woman because Western women have become brainwashed by social justice and identity politics.

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Asia is still a great place for single guys to meet and date single girls, as long as youre not a player. So, why not combine some international travel with the possibility of meeting the woman of your dreams?

San Francisco native and former T.V. producer. Toby has traveled to over 50 countries. Hes now happily married to a beautiful Thai woman.