Guys, would you rather date an ugly girl who believes shes beautiful, or a beautiful who thinks shes ugly?

Ive always wondered about this, because Ive seen guys date really unattractive women, maybe they see something on the inside. Is this true?

I would rather date a girl that I thought was beautiful, who shared my opinion. I wouldnt want to date anybody who thought she was ugly. Self-confidence is everything. Theres a certain kind of guy who likes to date girls with low self-esteem, and confidence issues… predators.

in my opinion, ive got carried out this earlier…it may desire to be because of the fact shes no longer attracted to being in a relationship as a rule OR could desire to be that she hasnt met everyone properly worth in a relationship with. To me, curiously like shes have been given a wall up against new adult males. probable grinded on the dancefloor with a guy that had a woman pal. and she or he shouldnt have wandered off to talk to different adult males without taking you along with her (could have presented out of politeness and according to danger a talk starter), and she or he probable shouldnt have advised you shes open game whilst shes have been given booty on the section waiting for her. that declares, im no longer relationship cloth. yet according to danger no longer. You adult males seem to consistently be in places the place there is loud track playing. attempt asking her to a community chuffed hour or something so which you would be able to talk greater. it is probability unfastened.

Its whats on the inside that counts. There could be a really stunning girl but shes a *****, and an ugly girl that is extremely nice. Wouldnt you prefer the nice one, even though she isnt that pretty?

And if shes ugly and thinks shes pretty, doesnt that show shes confident with herself? I think its quite annoying sometimes when theres really pretty girls who are always complaining about themselves. You need someone with a bit of self confidence, dont you?

Im not a guy, but I can tell you this.. If a guy goes for a girl who is ugly but she really thinks of herself as one hot number, thats just sad. Worse than that, a pretty girl who has no confidence. What guy would want that? A girl with no self respect, or confidence? I suppose guys who go for the broken women are the ones who are broken themselves, and they need some kind of imbalance to feel normal themselves.

im pretty sure all guys (me included) will take the beautiful girl over the ugly girl anytime. its easy to tell a girl shes beautiful when she actually is but its difficult to tell a girl shes beautiful when she isnt cuz you know youre lying.


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What do you guys think about girls who are funny & smart but not really beautiful?

Guys only: what do you think when you a beautiful, beautiful girl with an average looking guy?

How can a butt ugly guy like me get a girlfriend?

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