In my opinion, the most beautiful Chinese girl is/ (born 27 February 1973, Harbin, China). She is a chinese actress and singer.  Her height is 165 cm, weight is 47 kg. Li Bingbing is notFan Bingbings sister (the family name is Li).

Li Bingbing as White-hairedWitchin The Forbidden Kingdom (2008):

Li Bingbing as Ada Wong in Resident Evil: Retribution (2012):

I saved em all. .just love her. . Im going mad for her. .after watching her in Resident evil 4 and Resident evil RetributionMary2013-07-22 00:12She is indeed very beautiful!gregory2014-01-19 10:49Shes cute smart & sexy but i love herHarry2014-06-08 00:17i mean shes beautiful and all but definitely not the most beautiful chinese girl loleric sanders2015-06-29 19:25she is the most beautiful actress since she made her first movie debut like the forbidden kingdom i wonder if she is single i might date her so i wonder what martial arts flims that they will cast like the mortal kombat sequel or she will play as asuka on tekken 3 movie then she will play sailor mars in the live action sailor moon movie with a female cast her name is li bing bing she will be my friendlisa2018-05-17 19:45all looks like from same factarySteve2018-11-16 04:49Im sorry but Id cut off two of my fingers to be with her. Nuff said I thinkSteve2018-11-20 21:16She without question is one of the absolute most incredibly gorgeous women on the face of the earth. Its absolute madness how hot she is.Refresh comments list

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