Investing in gold & silver can protect your wealth against paper money. Kevin DeMeritt joins Robert & Kim to discuss the role gold & silver plays in investment strategies and how it has historically performed remarkable well.

Find Out Why Self-Help Is An Illusion – Mark Manson

We have more material wealth and convenience. Were living longer and traveling more. So why are we so unhappy? Whats with all the anxiety? Mark Manson joins Robert & Kim to discuss his research into the illusion of traditional self-help and what you need to do to grow and prosper.

How To Successfully Market Your Business With Instagram – Zach Benson, Shane Caniglia

Social media constantly evolves as a marketing tool. In this episode, Robert & Kim speak with Zach Benson of Assistagram about his work helping businesses successfully gain value via the Instagram platform.

Find Out How Pensions Will Crash The Economy – Sal DiCiccio

Public pensions are unsustainable in many cities, states and counties. Instead of honestly addressing the problem, the very people who are causing the crisis are purposely making it worse. A big-city councilman joins Robert to give an insiders account of this corruption crisis and how it impacts your future.

Going Small May Be The Path To Success – Paul Jarvis

Go big or go home. Weve all heard this is the way to build a successful business. But bigger isnt always better. Paul Jarvis joins Robert & Kim to discuss his experience in building businesses that question growth, and most importantly redefine what the definition of success is.

Personal & Financial Spring Cleaning – Gretchen Rubin

Clutter steals time. Disorganization thwarts productivity. Messiness impedes happiness. Gretchen Rubin joins Robert & Kim to discuss her research into cleaning up your life and business. Find out how less truly can be more.

Hear An Insiders View Of Trumps Economic Policies – David Stockman

Unemployment is down & the stock market is up. Is the U.S. economy strong, as Donald Trump says? David Stockman, Ronald Reagans budget director, joins Robert & Kim with his analysis of the good & bad of Trumps economic policies.

Find Out The Best Way To Deal With People In Business – Stanley McChrystal

Great leaders are often portrayed in mythological terms. But examining leadership through humanistic terms is much more valuable to anyone aspiring to lead. Four-star general Stanley McChrystal joins Robert & Kim to discuss successful leadership learned on and off the battlefield.

Find Out How The Pension Crisis Affects Your Retirement & Wealth – Ted Siedle

Public pensions are often compared to the real estate bubble and student loan crisis. Robert talks to Ted Siedle, a pension investigator, who reveals systemic risks in many public pensions ranging from incompetence to fraud. Find out which public pensions are ready to fail, and what you can do to protect yourself. This is a vital episode for anyone enrolled in a public pension.

How To Profit From A Crashing Stock Market – Alexander Elder

The best time to make money in the stock market is when markets plummet. Alexander Elder joins Robert & Kim to discuss the techniques he uses to profit during down markets.

Find Out How To Navigate The Risks Of Big Tech – Roger McNamee, Shane Caniglia

Facebook, Google, Apple & Amazon operate business models that can be risky for its users. Roger McNamee, an early investor in Facebook, joins Robert & Kim to discuss how Big Tech purposely tilts the playing field in their favor, oftentimes at the expense of its customers.

Find Out How To Get Rich During The Next Crash – Harry Dent

Most people fear a crash of the stock and real estate markets, but a downturn can be a great opportunity to prosper. Economic forecaster Harry Dent joins Robert & Kim to discuss strategies that may help you benefit from market crashes.

Find Out About The Next Wave Of Entrepreneurism – Steve Case, Craig Fuller

AOL co-founder Steve Case joins Robert & Kim to discuss where the next wave of successful entrepreneurs is located. By focusing outside of Silicon Valley and New York, Case has tapped into under-served entrepreneurs who are thriving in the heartland of America. This is a valuable show for aspiring start-ups as well as VC players.

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