InIndian filmandtelevision, the taboo about the depiction ofsexualityhas been declining. However, manyBollywoodfilms, with an emphasis on the urbanupper class, rarely depict the true values that most Indians have about sex. There is a great taboo on sex in India due to a variety of reasons, many of which involveculturalvalues either native to India or those that foreign influence (such asIslamorVictorian England) have imported to India.

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An example of the taboo toward sexuality in parts of India is the controversy surrounding the filmFire(1996), which depicted a lesbian relationship. Mainstream films still largely cater to the conservative masses, however art films and foreign films containing sexuality are watched by urban(educated/literate) Indians with the internet being a major source. While Bollywood is more liberal nowadays than maybe, 20 or 30 years ago, sex is still a taboo subject and a vast majority of films do not expand on the sexual aspect of romance, despite the fact that most Bollywood films are love stories.

A legitimatepornographyindustry has not emerged within India. Instead, many low-quality foreign made films featuring Indians are made abroad and then imported.

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