How To Date Beautiful Women 5 Proven Steps

How To Date Beautiful Women 5 Proven Steps

Youre About to Discover Proven Secrets to Dating Drop-Dead Gorgeous, Incredibly Beautiful Women. Pay Attention to What Follows

As a red-blooded male whose working on his dating skills Im pretty sure youd like to date red-hotBEAUTIFULwomen.

You want todate womenwith ridiculously PRETTY faces and BANGING hot bodies.

Maybe youd like to date several of these bombshells all at once. Or sleep with a different oneevery night of the week.

Whatever the case, read on and youll discover:

Contrary to what many men think you dont have to be RICH or GOOD LOOKING to date beautiful women.

Its far more important to be interesting, funny, confident and AMAZING in bed.

And you thought 9s and 10s were going on 7 dates a week and had HUNDREDS of guys throwing themselves at their feet,right?

Truth is many beautiful women really are SAD and LONELY. And sexually frustrated.

Because men think these women are untouchable so theyneverapproach them or try to get anywhere with them.

Hint: the next time youre at the gym or in a coffee shop find a reason tostart a conversationwith the prettiest girl in the entire place.

I guarantee that if you approach her and getting chatting in a cool,confidentway shell be DELIGHTED to talk to you. And itll be a very rare, yet very welcome, experience for her. You just gotta have the BALLS to do it.

When men do occasionally pluck up the courage to approach a gorgeous girl and talk to her in the hope of getting a date theyll almost always say something clichd like:

If you say that kinda thing to her in her mind you become just another average boring guy.

So AVOID mentioning her looks (at least until shes in the bedroom with you, horny as hell BEGGING to feel you inside her. Then you certainly cay say:Youre so bloody beautiful cuz itll turn her on even more!)

Average men SUCK UP to hot women and try to impress them.

If you want a date with a hot woman do the OPPOSITE.

When youre on a date keep it up. Carry on teasing her in a playful way and keep challenging her.

For instance, if youre in a coffee shop with her and she spills her drink, look at her seriously, shake your head and say:

Geez. I cant bring you anywhere. You are soooooo embarrassing

Then wink at her, smile and help her clean up her spilled drink.

Shell laugh, knowing youre joking and shell she you as the CONFIDENT, playful, challenging guy you are.

Even if you dont say to a womanI see you as the prize if you think it, shell sense it!

Seriously women HATE this kind of wussy, Nice Guy behavior.

The key to getting a date with a red-hot woman and getting herto the bedroom is to make her see YOU as the prize.

Make her feel like shed be losing something if you were to walk away and never contact her again. Make her FIGHT to get a date with you. Make her earn the right to go to bed with you.

I hope thisblogpost has given you a unique insight into how to get dates with beautiful women.

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