Who says Indians are all poor cunts [extremely impoverished]? Who says life in India is too horrible to bear? Just take a look at how happy/fortunate this girls life is after marrying into India!

The fortunate life of marrying into a wealthy Indian family and the notion of widespread poverty in India are two separate things.

Brother [referring to self] will guarantee you that after marriage, as soon as in half a year and no later than 5 years, you will be in tears. With your life, habits, and customs being different, I can guarantee it will be a tragedy for you. Not to mention India is a country that consider women to be inferior to men. Perhaps as newlyweds he will treat you very well but as time goes by and the novelty fades you will ultimately not be much higher than Indian women. When you realize all this, there may be even more tragedy down the road. This is not like other countries, you might not even be able to get a legal divorce.

As long as it is foreigner, no matter from where, they are royalty to our countrymen.

A pureSB, materialistic woman. Perhaps only shameless bitches would marry into theA-San[derogatory term for Indians] nation! Either that or she is just a unemployed woman fromDongguan!

She is representing the Buddha to journey to the west to collect the sutra.

I think this woman going there is no different from a sheep entering a tigers mouth. Even though youve married over there, just remember not to drink thewater from the Ganges, you will die

A-Sanseem to have a greater shortage of women than us, so better be careful when you step outside.

I feel it is much better to marry Americans or Japanese thanA-San. At least those two countries use utensils to eat and not just directly with their hands.

You are truly ignorant and inexperienced. India is a country where class divisions are really severe, whereby they separate their people into three castes, even as far as a fourth caste. A woman who marries into a wealthy family will of course be fortunate, but this is just material fortune. Because Indian men have more rights [compared to women]. Perhaps you [the original poster] are showing off your sisters pictures?

You are all idiots When a Chinese man marries a Japanese, Korean or Indian woman, you all say this is bringing glory to our nation But when a woman gets married to a Japanese, Korean or Indian, you all curse them to hell, that they wont be happy A bunch of poor cunts spending all day just foolishly fantasizing

Hehe, this girl will no longer have to wear shoes, her hands to be used for eating and shitting. And the best part is that in 100 years she can beimmersed in the romantic waters of the Ganges.

Amongst all countries, Chinese women have the highest status in the household.

Looking at the pictures, it looks ideal and very happy. I just dont know what the future may be like. I only know about Indians through what I see on the news every day, that Indians are also hardworking, that India also has a very large wealth gap, that they also have good people and bad people. There are different opinions, but regardless I wish her happiness.

Chinese women who marry abroad are accused of being lewd, while Chinese men who marry foreign women are praised as bringing glory to the nation.

The most vicious way Chinese women can take revenge on Chinese men is to marry anA-Sanor African. Those who agree,dingthis.

Whats so great about Indian men? All their body odor and, most importantly, Indian people eat and wipe their ass with the same hand. Disgusting Indian people.

Congratulations to the bride, you now have to freedom to shit and piss wherever you please!

Although I dont want Chinese women marrying into other countries, but given Chinas conditions right now, you can be considered to have escaped from misery. I wish you happiness!

This man is quite handsome! Everyone have the right to choose their happiness!

Im conflicted. Seeing Chinese women marrying abroad ultimately makes me uncomfortable. Perhaps it is because of Chinese nationalism, or the reality of there being 70 million single men in China, but either way, what I want is for Chinese men to marry foreign women (white race preferable) into the country to add to the gene pool [as opposed to detracting from the gene pool], rather than having Chinese women go providing future generation for foreigners [Westerners, white people]. This might invite scorn from upright gentlemen [fairer-minded people], but this is indeed how I feel.

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