Date tattoos are not much popular but they have a special place among memorial tattoos. People like to have birth date tattoos of their late family members. Some people also like to have birth date tattoos or their kids or their parents or even of themselves. Here we present you 48 stylish date tattoo designs for men and women

1. Couples can have matching king and queen crown tattoo designs and it could be made even better by adding the date they met.

2. You have roman numeral tattoos too that show your birth date but it would be even more impressive if you add a timepiece that shows the time of your birth.

3. Instead of trying a simple numeral design for your date tattoo I would advise you to have it in the style of a calendar.

4. Instead of getting tattooed with your birthday you get your lucky numbers inked too on your body like this.

5. Another idea for date tattoos will be to follow the simple system where you add the date in numerical style and the name of the month in English like this.

6. Many people like to get inked with the date of their anniversary. You can make such design even better by adding a heart or heartbeat as shown here.

7. You can also get the name of your son or daughter tattooed along with his/her date of birth tattoo.

8. Many people opt for a temporary date tattoo which is often the date of their babys ultrasound day. I would recommend you adding an ultrasound symbol to it too.

9. Date tattoos can also be a good option for memorial tattoos. Here the artist added the date of birth and date of death of person along with the yin yang tattoo design.

10. If you getting tattooed with your date of birth then it would be even better to get the tattoo of your zodiac sign along with it. Learn about when and how thecalendar was inventedand how many calendars are there.

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