differ a lot from the rest of Latin American females. You can find very little in the literal sense beautiful girls in Mexico, whom you would like to admire. This opinion, of course, is subjective. There are really enough gorgeous women, but just not all of them have charming features.

What are the appearance features of Mexican women?

A face form is round, it is certainly not true of all Mexican girls. There are also girls with oval and rectangular face shapes.

Most of the females have quite dark skin, while light skinned girls are met very rare in this country.

How do Mexican women regard to their appearance?

Mexican girls are not afraid to go out without any makeup. Made up women are as often met here as not made up ones. It is possible to meet girls who are making up in public transport. Their daily make-up usually includes a mascara, blush, lipstick, sometimes – light powder and eye shadow.

Mexican ladies in most cases have extra fat. Full shapes are normal for them, no one hesitates. You can meet there slender girls, who are not yet 20-25 years old. But after 25 Mexican females began to gain weight. There are girls who have the fullness to the face, and they know how to present their beautifully in the right way. And there are very full shaped woman. Their fullness is probably due to the fact that they give birth to so many children. However, they like good and tasty meals.

Mexican girls are flirtatious and have a sense of purpose, independent and proud personalities. It immediately catches the eyes. They take the initiative themselves and flirt with men. This is not surprising. The competition among young ladies in the struggle for the future husband is too huge. Most of the able-bodied men leave for work in the United States.

Because of the predominance of the female population Mexican ladies become less sensitive and romantic. The harsh truth of life has led to the fact that most of the girls are planning in advance the best options for earning money. Family bonds and households are no longer attractive for them. Today young women prefer to have a college degree and start their own business.

It is hard to call Mexican girls very fashionable. They do not bother a lot about clothes. There are not many fashionistas. Although there are quite a lot of clothing stores, a large selection of brands in Mexico. In small towns and villages women wear traditional clothes. You will not find the traditional Mexican style in big cities.

Mexicans are descendants of the Mayan, who were characterized by many details, massive decorations, bright colors. But Mexican girls do not prefer such massive decorations. They do not wear gold, silver, often prefer simple jewelry.

Mexico is the bright country. But in most cases it refers to architecture and its nature. In terms of clothes everything is very simple – jeans and T-shirt. Mexican females with red lipstick can be found only in the pages of magazines.

26.Sandra Echeverra(11 December 1984) – Mexican actress and singer.

25.Marlene Favela(5 August 1976) – Mexican actress.

24.Angelica Rivera(12 August 1970) – Mexican singer and actress

22.Itati Cantoral(13 May 1975) – Mexican by father side.

21.Ninel Conde (29 September 1970) – Mexican actress, model and singer.

19.Jacqueline Bracamontes (23 December 1979) – Miss Mexico 2000.

17.Maria Sorte (11 May 1955) – Mexican actress and singer.

16.Aracely Armbula(6 March 1975) – Mexican actress, model and singer.

12.Wendy Gonzlez(17 August 1985) – Mexican actress and TV host.

10.Thalia (26 August 1971) – Mexican actress and pop singer.

9.Patricia Manterola(23 April 1972) – Mexican actress, model and singer.

6.Vanessa Villela (28 January 1978) – Mexican actress and singer.

4.Lusero(29 August 1969) – Mexican actress, singer and composer.

1.Barbara Mori(2 February 1978) – Mexican by mother side.

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Your article is is stereotypical and inaccurate. You have implied that almost no beautiful Mexican woman exist as well as the idea that almost All are overweight due to the fact that they are always having babies

Why is Dalia Hernandez not on this site? Dalia is gorgeous even with no hair.

Dalia Hernandez should be on this site. She is absolutely gorgeous, even with no hair!

i was quite offended by this aritcle and your stereotypes honestly and btw mexicans are the best latinas just go to jalisco sonora or sinaloa

You are wrong!, Barbara Mori is not Mexican, she is Uruguayan.

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