So my husband does not want a common name for our next daughter. He actually wants to make up the name, which makes me nervous. I am trying to make him happy, though. I really like the name I made: Avaline (pronouncedAVA-line, as in phone line.) Well, every single thing I suggest, made up or not, he hates. Please help! =)

Our first daughter is, and I want them to go well together. Our last name is super long, so Im looking for either 1,2,or maybe 3 syllables. Thanks!

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Adlai, not made up but an unusual boy name that sounds cute withHazel

Good luck! Your daughter has such a lovely name, so Im sure youll find something equally lovely for her sister.Last edited by claireelise; November 5th, 2012 at01:39 PM.

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