Kurt Mendez a very rich billionaire which was spoiled. Thinks he can get everything he want because he got money. He end up meet a girl who works in a dinner which he found interest in and think he can get her with the use of his money. Hes known a…

When I woke up from my sleep there was a dress and shoes along with a note.

I have pick these out specially for you because I want my dear wife to look beautiful for our first date.

So I went and took a shower and put on the dress and shoes. Then I did my makeup. The dress looks good on me. I guess he has good taste in dresses. Then I went downstairs to see him see him dress causal. Its the first time Im seeing him into something other than a suit. It seems no matter what he wears he looks good. So what do you have plan for us I asked. Im not going to tell you it will be a surprise and we wont be out too long because you need the rest for the baby he said and kiss me on the cheek. Right now I wish that it was on the lips he had kiss me. Those lips look so kissable.

Lets go I said trying to prevent me from kissing those lips. We walked until we reach a little garden with a pond in the middle and had a lot of beautiful flowers. It was decorated with candles and there was a table while was well decorated beside the pond. Wow did you do all of this all day I asked while admiring the place. Yes do you love it. Actually this is my moms garden and couple of my friends came and help me out I said and pull out a chair for me to sit. Which I gladly sit on and he went and took his seat. Then a guy appeared with two dish. Heres your meal sir and maddam. He must be of his friend. Then he left and I looked at the food it was mash potatoes and Alfredo chicken. While he had stake for his plate. I wonder why his meat was different. But I still eat my food In silent. When we finish he turn to me and said so lets get to know about each other before dessert. What is your favorite colour .

red. Whats your favorite food

mash potatoes and bake chicken and yours

steak and rice. Where would you always want to go into the world

I always want to go to Paris . Im not going to asked because your a business man so you must have went every where I said.

Your wrong I always want to go to china and never got the chance because of work he said and I was in shock because I really thought he went everywhere. As a business man.

After a while the same guy came couple minutes after telling each other about our self. He came back with a slice of black forest cake and a cut of chocolate vanilla ice cream. I love this cake so much that I didnt waste any time. After couple minutes later I herd some music playing. Then kurt got up from his seat and extend his hand.

Will my lovely wife do me the honor of dancing with me.he said waiting for me to respond. I got up and said sure my dare husband I said and take his hand. We started to dance for a while until the music stop. Little after that we went for a boat ride in a lake near by. Then he lift me up and carry me to the room and put me on the bed. I was sleepy so he cover me with the sheet. He went to the bathroom that was the last thing I saw before I welcome the sleep and doze off.