You all now what Trump has to say on African and Middle Eastern countries, right? Well see what he has to say about them now that his daughter Tiffany Trump is dating a Lebanese-Nigerian Billionaire.

Tiffany Trump, the USA presidents daughter from Marla Maples is back on track in the dating field after her breakup with ex-boyfriend Ross Mechanic. Tiffany made sure her relationship with her Lebanese Boyfriend Michael Boulos was kept secret before emerging in the spotlight. Boulos met most of her family members during Thanksgiving as he apparently made a really good impression. Her family thinks that he comes across as a very intelligent young man from a great family,sources said.

The couple met in summer while partying in Mykonos with star Lindsay Lohan and their relationship was more than just a summer fling. Apparently, Trump -and we mean the daughter here- has all eyes on new Lebanese Boyfriend. Even though the news cite that Boulos was Nigerian, we are pretty sure that the new beau is Lebanese from a Northern town called Kfarakka. Sources of Special Magazine affirmed that his father, Massaad Boulos, was a candidate for the most recent parliamentary elections in Lebanon, representing the Caza of El Koura. Michael, 21, who comes from a family of business man is not a complete stranger in the world of politics since his grandfather was also once a candidate for the Lebanese parliament elections. Will Tiffanys boyfriend enter that field soon? Or he will stay away from all things related to that field just like his girlfriend did. All we know is that Michael recently graduated with a Bachelor degree from Regents University, London and that he has three siblings: a brother and twosisters.

The Boulos family owns a huge company based in Lagos, Nigeria. The company is successful conglomerate that trades in various commodities such as vehicles, equipment, and constructions. The couple is studying in. however, the world is waiting to see what President Trump has to say about that relationship.

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