Estonia is one of the smallest countries of the former Soviet bloc (USSR) and is one of the Baltic countries. However, today it is a modern country that has made the digital shift and whose women are very forward-thinking. Estonian women are more like their Western counterparts than Russian women. Lets start with a description and comparison between Estonian and Lithuanian women:

Estonian women stand out once again favourably: with thin cheekbones and light blue eyes (more than 50% of the Estonian population has blue eyes), but I have to give the main prize to Lithuanian women. Their faces reminded me of Argentina with their cosmic beauty in their faces. Some of the most beautiful women in the world I have seen were from Lithuania.

Latvian womendo hairstyles better than Estonian women who have adopted some of the Scandinavian hair cutting styles. Lithuanian women, however, have an extraordinary length of hair. Here you can often see girls with beautiful hair that goes down to the waist.

Estonian girls are easily accessible because they like to drink. They also like to speak English and can easily communicate in English with a foreign man. Latvian girls are more withdrawn: they are too suspicious and can spend all eternity studying you before opening up to you. Maybe because they assume that every foreigner is a sex tourist. After all, Riga is the sex tourism capital of Eastern Europe. Lithuanian girls are different, but in general I find them more shy.

Estonian girls have a thorough knowledge of English, while Lithuanian girls are much weaker in foreign languages. I had problems finding even a person with moderate English skills in Lithuania. Latvian girls speak perfect English, but you may have problems with Russian girls in Latvia who cannot speak English.

The choice is simple: Estonia. If I were to go back only to a Baltic country, then that choice would be Estonia. Certainly, in recent years, girls have become increasingly reluctant to communicate, as the number of sex tourists from Finland and Britain has increased. Well, another reason – obesity, as mentioned above. It should be noted that sometimes Estonian can be rude, as is customary in America.

Lithuania has many beautiful women (I would give them a slight advantage over Estonian girls), but it is quite difficult to know them. You can only be lucky if you stay in a certain place for a long time and have enough time to get to know the local population. In Estonia, even with a short visit, foreign men have a great chance to spend quality time and get to know beautiful Estonian women.

It is clear that not all our readers will necessarily agree with this portrait, drawn by the editorial board with experts. Indeed, it is still fortunate that we can rejoice in the uniqueness of each woman on the planet.

If you want to meet a woman on the street in Estonia, you can try to guess her name. The Russian beauty you see on the street will probably be called Olga, Tatyana, Elena, Svetlana, Valentina, Irina, Galina, Natalia, Anna or Maria. Below, it is these names (in decreasing order of popularity) that the Estonian Ministry of the Interior cites in the most common list. Estonian women, with a high degree of probability, will bear the first names of Tiina, Sire, Anne, Anne, Catherine, Tiyu, Hull, Ene, Maya, Aino or Piret.

According to Eurostat, Estonian womens employment has remained above the EU average over the last decade. The Estonian Statistics Department cites new figures: in 2013, about 59% of women aged 15 to 74 were working in our country. More than half of the women worked in trade, manufacturing, education, health and social protection.

In 2012, statistics compiled an average portrait of an Estonian resident. It has been found, for example, that the presence of babies increases for our women, the time spent on household chores is much more important than for men. If the family has children under the age of seven, mothers spend about six hours a day at home and with the family, almost an hour and a half more than fathers. However, over a ten-year period, this time has been reduced by 39 minutes for women, mainly due to household appliances: now it takes less time to prepare food, wash and iron clothes.

Statistics indicate that an average Estonian resident has five and a half hours of free time per day.Thats 34 minutes more than it was ten years ago. The free time is spent with pleasure on the computer with internet. They also spend more time than before playing sports and, paradoxically, on passive holidays. But womens purchases are no more than they were a decade ago.

An intelligent Estonian woman is in no hurry to give birth.

There are more female students in our country than male students: about 60% of university students are women. Statisticians even suggest that in the future, women will be better educated than their husbands. There are also more women among those receiving adult education, while men spend more time in adult education.

In Estonia, girls leave their fathers homes and start living independently before the average in Europe:in Estonia at 23, in Europe at 24-26.

Over the past five years, the marriage of Estonian women has begun to decline. On average, our women marry at 25-27 years of age, the first child gives birth at 26 years of age. Basically, there are one or two children in families, a little less than in other European countries, but we must not forget that our women are active. The labour market and part-time employment (less than 35 hours of work per week) is not very common in Estonia.

As far as physical appearance is concerned, from 1 January 2012, Estonian statistics painted us a portrait of the average Estonian woman: 44 years old, 165 centimetres tall and weighing 69 kilograms.

According to Anneli Coho, an Estonian market specialist from the Baltika group (which includes popular brands such as Monton, Mosaic and Ivo Nikkolo), the most popular sizes of womens clothing in Estonia are 38-40. Characterizing the brands customers, Koho noted that they are women who know fashion and follow trends, which makes them beautiful. According to the expert, our women prefer to wear dresses, but in many ways, the choice of clothing determines the weather and, in winter, women are always ready to wear pants.

Its about the same as what designer Diana Denisova told us, who works mainly with women, aged 30 and over. my typical customer often goes to buy a skirt or dress, but I think the average Estonian woman will prefer pants. According to the designer, the most common size of clothes in her studio is 40-42.

Denisov, like Anneli Coho, said about the physical appearance and clothing of our Estonian ladies:I think women in Estonia have started to be more prepared, they spend more time on their appearance. »

Nevertheless, says the designer, in everyday life women prefer things in the casual style and comfortable shoes with low or medium heels (which, according to the latest trends, can be combined with almost any style of clothing).

As for the businesswoman, for whom Denisov works mainly, she prefers the classical style, more feminine things tend to appear in the cloakroom with the beginning of the warmer days. Femininity, to my great joy, is one of the main trends of spring-summer 2014. And in urban womens clothing, there are more and more dresses, as well as feminine accessories that perfectly combine with the casual style.

Hairdresser Olga Krylova (Simplicity Hair) told us that her female clients, most of the time, ask for lightly dyed hair: Some of my clients now choose light, but very natural colours: wheat, beige, light brown, like a hot and cold. Olga also said that our womens hair is mainly Slavic or Scandinavian, which is straight or slightly wavy, and as far as length is concerned, local ladies prefer high (just below the shoulders), because in such length, the hair is easy to maintain.

According to Olga,Estonian beauties often opt for simple natural hairstyles:Our women are afraid of having an appearance that is too formal and primed. This was demonstrated by the recent presidential reception held in honour of the Republics anniversary. The hairdresser had prepared a hairstyle a little too stylish for designer Kriss Soonick in the form of a large bow on the crown, and our fashion critics said it was inappropriate. A delicate asymmetrical braid, composed of light waves, which I braided for the female athlete Oksana Nikolai Novoselov, on the contrary, was considered one of the most elegant and suitable for this ceremony. She says that the company is not ready for brilliance, and originality.

The climate is mild. The golden autumn lasts until October included, sometimes at the end of November, it can start to fall from the snow. Late autumn and early winter are mainly composed of rainfall. Snow in Estonia doesnt really fall. The cold is not there, but there are often storms because of the sea. Due to the heavy cloudy weather in autumn, Estonia looks like something post-apocalyptic, the country seems so dark. But its more of an exception, its a fabulous country.

Estonia is a very small country that looks like a bread crumb, it can be completely crossed in 4.5 hours.

As it is small, it is much easier to keep order in the country.You will find absolutely wonderful landscapes, as with images, with white houses and carefully ploughed and sown fields.When you go from city to city, you will notice that many private homes are apart. Its a hamlet. They are a good example of the Estonian mentality – everyone for themselves, everyone in their personal world.

That is Estonias problem.The currency is the euro, the prices are about the same as those in Moscow, at a level or slightly more expensive.

Consumers and grocery stores offer discounts, for example, Maxima stores are good, but always expensive. Due to the fact that many products are grown in the country itself, the food here is tasty and good.

But here, accommodation is cheap and so are cars, on the and websites you can convince yourself. We have already seen a used Volkswagen Passat on the car sales site for 100 euros (!), However, I dont know if this car goes to all the Least, it is the utility bills for housing and gas prices that are high.

Estonians are like snails. These are private persons, closed, as mentioned above. In fact, they need time to swing and open up. They have a hard time withstanding familiarity.

For the Estonians, his land, his house, thats the most important thing. They really care about property, the rule I want my house to be better than my neighbours.

Estonia was something like an experimental country for automation. Here, in all the kiosks, they accept credit cards, almost all the lighting in the houses and on the streets is automatic (you pass and it will turn on).

At the counters in the stores you can find buttons for automatic reminder of the service (good green smiley, red – bad). And so on and so forth.

Estonian is a language of the Finno-Ugric group, and it is complicated in an infernal way. We recommend a good manual, written and understandable by Mikhail Stalnukhin, Dont you still speak Estonian? Then we go to you! .

Estonian is read in the same way as it is written – the pronunciation will be awkward, but you will be understood. Estonians consider Russian as a difficult and not very euphonious language, it seems too hard to them, as we do German.

The entire adult population, with few exceptions, knows and speaks Russian, but young people and adolescents no longer speak it. But they all know English, so you can explain yourself.

In the shops, most of the sellers know Russian. In Tallinn, in general, the majority of the population speaks Russian, in others it is worse.

Today,Estonian women are in no hurry to get married.The first thing that comes first is the career.

They have liberal opinions on family life, tolerance for LGBT people. To quote a beautiful Estonian woman: You can sleep with whomever you want, even with a man, even a woman it is your choice, you want to marry, get married, you want to divorce, get divorced. Family members are equal, although men still want to be leaders in the house, but not too much.

But if a man says directly to his wife go do the borshch, she will remove his scalp. Here, the issue of gender equality is strictly respected. And so is tolerance.

Every year, more and more Estonian women take the initiative. They are often divorced in Estonia, and they rarely marry.

And only the devil knows only! But every year its getting later… school, university, and then its necessary to build a career, and when you want to have a child at 40. Its already too late – oops… And its impossible, you have to use in vitro fertilization (here, its very popular, because its even paid for by the government).

About strangers. Western tourists are very well regarded because they bring money, and Estonia also exists thanks to tourism.

As far as the relationship with the Russians is concerned, the relationship is now a little tense, but still, on the Estonian side, if you look more closely, any bias disappears completely.

The age group of the population that has an aversion to Russian are those whose youth or adolescence took place in the collapse of the USSR, such as the elderly who know Russia better, todays younger generation has not seen this at all, but those who are now 35-40 years old, they have endured it.

Where can I find friends?In Tallinn, you will find many circles of interest for Russians, and in general many of them are in the capital. If we look among Estonians, it is more difficult because they are quite closed and do not get to know each other on the street.

Its very clean, the landscape is like a picture. In Estonia there are 2 problems – if you are an entrepreneur, you will not find workers, because employees are too demanding on the issue of wages and employers are simply not able.

Information technology trades are now the most in demand.We need designers, computer scientists, doctors, nurses.The minimum wage is just over 300 euros.

Unemployment benefits – the amount depends on the availability of insurance and the time you have spent on this benefit. The first half of the year, the sum is the maximum, then it decreases, so you wont live long with it.

There are 12 classes at school here. There are not enough universities, everything will ensure that all the universities in the country combine into 2 or 3 big universities for Estonia. The most famous is Tartuskyi University. Artistic professions are taught at the Estonian state Kunstaacademia in Tallinn.

In Estonia, the five largest and most gifted higher education institutions are entering the country. The study is conditionally free, before you miss the first exam. There is university accommodation for students.

Here in Estonia it is visual order, it is a very clean country, with law and order, it is calm and silent.

If you want to obtain citizenship, there will be tests on the Estonian language and the constitution. A local joke – An ethnic Estonian woman tried to take the exam incognito. But she didnt succeed….»

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