extremely beautiful. They are Smart, Intelligent and feminine Baltic beauties. I feel like they have some deep down connection withArmenianandUkrainians. You will find every woman has potential to be an actress when you will walk on the streets of Vilnius.

Lithuanian girlshave very powerful dressing sense and they perfectly know how to look good and how to impress your men. There were times when I was wondering how every girl can look so decent and beautiful. One more thing you will notice aboutLithuanian womenis their height. They are extremely tall and if you are not above 5.9 then you will feel tiny. Most of the girls are above 156 CM and this is rare. I dont know about others but I love long girls.

Apart from that, you will also notice their beautiful hairs. Almost every girl will have flawless hair and you will fill like they have directly come from Shampoo commercials.  Moreover, their faces are very beautiful and girls are very health conscious. Most of the girls have a body like a supermodel and you will not find any girl overweight.

Dating Lithuanian girlis not that easy, you have to work hard. But believe me, it is worth to seduce thesegorgeous girls. You will not find a girl like her in your home country. There are lots of dating sites available where you can find single ladies. But I believe go on the streets, pubs, coffee bar and look for a girl you like. Dont waste time on online dating sites, you will get faster results. Tinder is good option to findsingle Lithuanian girl. Almost every girl is on tinder and looking for a relationship. So try your luck with pretty ladies.

They are tall, Slim, and beautiful. Most girls have straight and blonde hair. They have beautiful Green eyes, which makes them look more attractive.

Simona is model and TV commercial actress. She has posed for FHM, Playboy, Moteris, Laima and Other famous magazines. Her light brown hair and blue eyes are just mesmerizing.

Katya Virshilas is a Lithuanian-Canadian dancer and actress. She is dancing champion and one of the best dancers of her country. Her sexy moves are can give a small heart attack.

Rasa is beauty pageant winner and model from Lithuania. She is extremely tall and beautiful. She won a title of

Violeta is very beautiful and most famous singer of her country. She is also considered as hottest and curvy women.  she has also posed for FHM Magazine.

Egle is a beauty queen and winner of various beauty contests. Her beautiful skin and seductive eyes can kill anyone. Her long lustrous is desirable by any women.

Jurgita is a famous fashion model and appeared in many magazine covers. She is also the

, she is very popular because of her gorgeous looks. She has appeared in lead role in a number of movies.

Agne is famous model and movie star. She has appeared on many magazine covers and TV commercials.  She is very health conscious and owner of the incredible body.

Edita Vilkeviciute is a Lithuanian model. She has started her career at the age of 16.  She was also ranked in

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Heres your comparable, albeit less compelling and without Lithuanian diaspora.

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