Today I want to tell you about what Beautiful Korean Women taught me about dating and life.

Several years ago I was working and living in South Korea.It was one of the best experiences of my life being immersed in a culture where femininity is a very strong part of the culture.

Women in South Korea take exceptional care of their appearance and radiate feminine energy.

Dating women in South Koreais incredible.I dated a beautiful Korean woman, and she always looked amazing and went out of her way to make me happy.

She was in great shape, did not drink much alcohol, looked after her health and her sense of style was incredible.

InKorea,they still appreciate the strength of feminine women and they dont see it as a weakness.

They see beauty as something to be celebrated and cultivated.Men are very visualand living in Korea was an absolute pleasure for the senses.

One of the things that I noticed with western women living in Korea was that they got very annoyed withForeign menpreferring to date Korean women.

The reason for this was not a mystery, in general, the foreign women in Korea were mostly from places like the USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and Ireland.

These countries all have one thing in common.Modern or neo-feminism.

Modern or neo-feminism is a form of feminism that has the view that everything masculine is bad and in these countries, this way of thinking has spread like a wildfire.

In Korea, most foreign women from above-mentioned countries were overweight, fat, smoked, drank heavily and had no fashion sense.They took no pride in their appearance.

Seeing these feminists proudly showing off their underarm hair on Tinder is not exactly a turn on for most men.

Foreign women also come with the victim mentality and think the world owes them something.

So for many foreign men in Korea dating is a simple choice, avoid foreign women and only dateKorean Women.

The west has a lot of problems, and one of them is the way that women are being programmed to hate men and reject their most powerful asset, their femininity.

This way of thinking, open them up to lowering their standards of thinking which leads them to lower their standards in physical appearance and how they conduct themselves.

In South Korea, women embrace their superpower of feminity.Its not weak to be a very feminine woman.

Its a superpower and all men whoappreciate beautiful womenknow this.

The modern feminists have rejected theirsuperpowerof femininity and exchanged it for mediocrity and a culture of ugliness.

In South Korea, I was impressed to see genetically average women looking exceptional by working hard to look the best they can and refusing to be average.

Of course, the best part of Korea was seeing the genetically beautiful raising their standards even more and looking incredible.

They take the appearance and turn it into an art form.It is easy formasculine mento fall in love with Korea.

Visually its hard not to feel the wave of feminine energy in the streets.

Unfortunately, the feminist movements are starting to find a foothold in Korea too, but hasnt yet had the success they had in America and Europe.Lets hope it stays that way.

If you are looking for a very feminine girlfriend or wife, then Korean Women are agreat choice.

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