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Couple Poses For One-Of-A-Kind Engagement Photos At The Publix Grocery Store Where They Met

Couple Poses For One-Of-A-Kind Engagement Photos At The Publix Grocery Store Where They Met

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Alexandra Darch was working as a cashier at a Publix grocery store in 2017 when her life changed forever. Dylan Smith was working his first day in thegrocerydepartment when he and Alexandra locked eyes it was love at first sight.

The two Publix employees immediately knew there was a spark between them.

It was my first day, Dylan . I was getting a store tour, I walked in, I walked past register and the first words that came out of my mouth were, Oh my God, thats the most beautiful girl Ive ever seen.

Alexandra added, We made eye contact and of course it gave me instant butterflies.

Two months later, Dylan and Alexandra were officially dating and now theyre engaged!

To celebrate their engagement, the happy couple hired a photographer and planned to take engagement pictures at a local nature reserve. On the day of their photos, though, they got rained out. They werent sure what to do, but then their photographer,Jennifer Goodlet, had an idea.

Jennifer suggested they go to the Publix where Dylan and Alexandra work what better place to take photos than the grocery store where they met?

Alexandra and Dylan werent immediately sold on the idea, but they decided to give it a shot. We were both skeptical but I dont think we could be happier with the results, said Alexandra.

Watch the video to see this adorable couples uniqueengagement photos!


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