I cant wait to wake up next to you in the middle of the night and wrap my arms around you. I cant wait to travel and explore around beautiful places with you. I cant wait to go home to you everyday.I cant wait to cook with you while music is blasting out loud and were both dancing and giggling. I cant wait to be in your arms whenever I feel clingy. I cant wait to kiss you every morning and every night before we sleep. I cant wait to watch late night movies with you while were cuddling.I cant wait to create more memories with you. I cant wait to grow old with you. I cant wait to continue to show my love for you forever. Lastly, I cant wait to spend my entire life with you, every second & moment.

Find that person who will hold you up when needed

lets start a movement called all girls are cute and should date me asap

Appreciation post for girls with broad shoulders

okay so we all know teddys a hufflepuff like his mombuthes not like, ahufflepuffhufflepuff. you know what i mean. we all headcanon hufflepuffs likesoft sweet food baby!!! and most of them are. ernie macmillan, hannah abbott, even professor sprout. soft sweet food babies, like plants and sunshine, whatever.

but teddy lupins not like that. because teddys acedric diggoryhufflepuff. we all talk about how hed set records for pranks like the marauders or fred & george, but lets think about it- he wouldnt even have to. hes dating a hot eighth-veela ravenclaw, hes head boy, and his godfather isharry chosen one potter,so we know he already thinks hes a badass. and the other hufflepuffs would see it too- look at this awesome guy with the power to change his appearance at will, look at him dating the most beautiful girl in school (and also probably the smartest and most punk, i mean come on she came fromfleur charmed a dragon delacourandbill im never cutting my hair weasley), look at him tell embarrassing stories about the guy who killed the dark lord, hes amazing, and hes a bloodyhufflepuff.they would flock to him. he wouldnt be this punk, angsty,my parents diedorphan kid, because molly weasley would never let him feel like an orphan, and harrys been there and would make sure the kid had a good upbringing, and andromeda tonks raisednymphadora tonksso shes already dealt with the punky teenager and you just KNOW teddy would one-up his mom and set new records for rebelling but not getting caught.

so teddys a cedric diggory hufflepuff. hes gonna care fiercely about his friends and work harder than anyone else and make it all look effortless. hes gonna get the girl he wants and hes gonna be himself to do it, because, honestly, whos cooler? hes gonna feign modesty when needed and inspire envy and crushes in lesser boys. teddy lupin isnt a sunshine-and-food hufflepuff, and hes not some angsty-punk-slytherpuff-hybrid, either. hes the son of the brains of the marauders (we all know Lupins the reason they didnt get expelled). hes the son of the girl who flaunted bubblegum pink hair while fighting death eaters. teddy lupins a cedric diggory hufflepuff.