Help others though u know they cannot help u back

I dont like lie. Dont Messenge to me if you not serious.

Looking for a guy who is ready to settle down

Feel free to contact me….Im a user wheelchair if youre not interested please dont wast the time tog…The greatest self is a peaceful smile,understanding and God-fearing woman.Hi,!friendly?

Hello I from Phnom Penh Cambodia

Can make smile and offer love. Lovely and sweet

Im here to looking for a good man from all over the world

Not a beautiful lady, but have good ♥ A simple lady, will treat you as how y…

Honest , Not betray , Respect each other, Be patient , Not find fault Pay mo…

caring,Im a Fat Gil. ☺️☺️ My Heart not toy. Please go away if you see me same a toy.Im just a simple,loving,Simple me with a simple life ❤️that always sees the…I want someone to love and I want someone to feel lonely when Im lonelyFor fun chatting on the site ad will see how is going !honestly,Happy to see you!!

Where are you? I am waiting for you since many years.

if I were a scientist, I would invented rain and snow ❄️

Hello Im From Cambodia

I am simple woman. I am looking for good people and honestly