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When your man is not short on cash, he can buy you almost anything that money can buy. And rich men usually love to pamper their lady love with gifts that are insanely expensively. Diamonds, new clothes, exotic vacations, name it and you have got it.

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you will also have to adapt yourself to his rich tastes. There are also so many rules of dating a rich man. You have to be perfect lady,Dating a rich man comes at a cost. While you have many benefits that you can take from a guy who has plenty of cash,select the option ALLOW,9 Telltale Signs You Are Dating OneThe rich mom of your guy is usually a trouble maker. She thinks that you are a gold digger and are after her sons inheritance.Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy: Symptoms,as shown below click on the Green lock icon next to the address barIf you were not born rich.

The myth of Christian Grey was not built overnight. Most rich guys are also have the tag dominating with them. Your man might want you to dress, talk and basically live your life just like he wants.

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When you are with a rich guy, your own wallet can take a break from all the hard work. He will obviously not allow you to pay when he is so rich. Besides, that is the gentlemanly thing to do!

Wont it be great to be a man who could tell the difference between a Chanel and Dior. Most average men no nothing about brands. But rich guys have tastes that coincide with their ability to afford them.

You dont have to wait for your boyfriend to get the next promotion for him to propose. You dont need to change your job to afford a decent house together. You can marry him here and now because his future along with yours is secured.

When he earns in millions daily, he may not see the relevance of you doing a 9 to 5 job. He can buy you the moon if it pleases you, then why would you want get wrinkles doing late nights at work.

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However, there are some undeniable bonuses of being with a man who has money and power. Your life becomes simple in so many different ways. If you are a girl who likes to shop, you will be on the top of the world. If you have a taste for luxury, there is nothing he cannot buy for you.

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Suppose it does not work out between the two of you and he walks out on you, you will end up feeling like shit for it. You will always feel like he dropped for a richer girl.

Your family, your mom in particular will be overjoyed with your choice. That takes us back to the famous first lines from Pride And Prejudice. It reads, It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune must be in want of a wife.

Every girl grows up with this bizarre dream that one day her prince charming will come and sweep her off her feet in a dashing white horse. As centuries past by, the white horse has now turned into a black limousine. However, the myth of the Prince Charming remains unchanged. Dating a rich man is part of every girls dreams. But there are both pros and cons of dating a rich man. Once you live your dream, it may not be as perfect as you imagined.

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