And do you really have what it tales? Im not sure sexual harrassment will work. If it does, dont be surprised when he views you as a one time use disposable object.

Should I bother I cant help my jealousy when he always looks at hot instagram models signed with agencies that have a low following. A lot of girls want him. I feel useless and unattractive. How can I keep a guy interested if Im not a model signed to an agency. Everyone flirts with him that everutime I get mad he ignores me for two days. Im thinking about leaving Im uncomfortable to pose in bikinis and lingerie Im mot that confident at all either.He sounds like a playboy any way. You should find someone better.Is he comparing you unfavorably to others? He cant help that other women are attracted to him. Is he ignoring you to surf the web looking at women? Or is that something he does when you arent with him?

No, if you are that jealous then dont bother trying to date him.