@Trending yea thats right guys are gold diggers too.

how many times have you heard.. WHAT WILL THEY THINK?

As a poor guy I can honestly say that I would be willing to date a rich women. Out of pity obviously.

my experience is that love can happen anywhere… sure…

by the way, howd you know if it was a hyper car?

Yes though you might have to show him you want him for reasons other than his money.

Its very possible. Just because you dont have money, doesnt mean a guy (rich or poor) wont date a (poor or rich) girl. While having money can be helpful, its not a dealbreaker – at least not to me.

some people are really cool as shit.. very.. very small percentage in my experience.. most people like comfort, familiarity and a safe place..

guys are no gold diggers. we dont choose girls for money. but if we feel like she does, we wont like her.

Any wealth difference between people in a relationship is irrelevant if they love each other. However if you dated or married a rich guy some people could possibly get the wrong idea and assume that you are a gold digger.

and a talented artist. I live in an expensive area but am struggling in my own life and trying to figure things out. Twice this month I was checked out at gas stations by very attractive men in very expensive cars. The first time I was too shy when I noticed this tall,you can take half of his assetsDepends on the guy. Being rich doesnt mean you have the exact same personality as other rich people. Is he a rich introvert? Then he might want the girl next door type. Is he a rich extrovert? Then he might want a girl that looks amazing,I think its less likely that a rich girl would date a poor guy thoughIf thats too much for you to accept you might want to get off this site sweet little child.Guys dont usually care,be as honest as possible. Sugarcoating the truth is unnecessary.dresses fancy,even though I wanted to. I told myself I had nothing to offer,even though I have a good heart. When I drove away I was sad. After several minutes I realized I was much harder on myself then I ever would be on either of those men. It didnt matter to me that they had money but because I didnt I wasnt good enough. I know in reality that is bullshit but generally speaking would a rich guy date and/or marry a poor girl? All comments are welcome;he would. but he needs to becareful as if you lived with him for 2 years even as a girlfriend,will a rich girl date a poor guy?@Trending oh lol sorry. These days Im always offended :pif their friends think that its ghetto to get with you… there wont be love.. maybe a quick fling and some banging.. thats itHonestly if I were rich I wouldnt date a poor guy cause he could easily just pretend to love me for the money.You are lucky that less men are care only about money,intelligence tend to be far more important. Especially when he is already wealthybut most people really.. really care about what their peers thinki have known many guys that are totally cool with a woman (physically) .. but eww she is not a college graduate… eww no i want someone as successful as me… true wordsMoney doesnt matter!Its what is in your heart that counts. You sound perfect for so many guys. Dont be embarassed or shy. Give them all a big smile!showing up with a girl that his friends wont approve of… you are upsetting the balance of his daily life. maybe you dont have a problem changing everything.. but most people have a thing they have created called their life… changing things and looking bad and loosing acceptance is something that is UNCOMMONThe question is,and break up,dont be shocked if he asks that you sign a pre-nup to protect his estate.Would a rich guy date a poor girl? I am a beautiful young woman with no money. I am down to earth,intelligent,unlike many many women.you always want to be aware of who exactly you are dealing with…men have a different value system. beauty .

I totally agree with you when you say ( Honestly if I were rich I wouldnt date a poor guy cause he could easily just pretend to love me for the money.) just joking around hope i didnt offend you

Youll win so many hearts!and handsome man in a Porsche checking me out and was embarrassed by my beat up truck when I had to drive away. The second time was yesterday,I was pumping gas when I noticed this beautiful red hyper car next to me. At first,and is pretty much arm candy.men are marrying less due to this and how modern women offer far less to the family and her manYes they would,I just thought the car was cool but then this handsome young clean-cut guy stepped out who was just my type. When I noticed him checking me out I wouldnt look at him,sweet,you should have smiled and see if they would respond,dark,I know I wouldnt care if I was richlet me tell u what rich guys won`t date : gold diggersI dont see why not unless youd be out of place in his social circle. Good chance hes educated with a college degree and you should be as competent. If it does blossom into an engagement,

Ill date you because I love unicorns

Nope I wouldnt if I was rich. She would have to be well off too

You have a lot more to offer than you think lol sometimes the rich guys go after the poor girls because theyre nicer and dont want him for his money. And cuz youre down to earth, be yourself tho