Sometime, though, not even this will make Kid Rock anything other than Kid Rock. God, he sucks.

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etc. These are qualities that women can pick up on easily,These high-status celebrities and actors get lots of chicks not just because of their status,but also because of their personality traits of confidence,I recently wrotean article about the whole looks dont matter linethat pickup artists keep telling themselves.Why women dont want AFCs? Well most dont take care of themselves,seeing that image will actually change something in a womans subconscious brain to make her feel more attracted to him. Even though she already has a preconceived notion that Kid Rock sucks and therefore must be very unpopular with women!

And theyre everything that youre not.

Other pickup artists, on the other hand, figured out the secret of preselection. Most PUAs dont realize exactly how much preselection affects a womans perception of a man and they just use it as one little thing to DHV in a series of other traits to show off, but some actually try to take full advantage of it. Josh Pellicer makes preselection the main theme in his goldfish sales video. Adam Lyons based an entire method around preselection with his whole entourage game thing.Richard La Ruina uses a simple and discreet club technique to make all the women he passes by look at him as if hes a movie fact, science has shown preselection to be a real, statistically significant thing that measurably affects a womans perception of a man.

If you dont already know what preselection is, it just means that women already want you, women are already sleeping with you, women are already dating you, etc. Women are most attracted to men when other women already want them.

Some pickup artists dogmatically deny the whole looks and money thing and say that its all about status. They then try to demonstrate high status and try to replicate the same results that celebrities get with women. Theyre on the right track, but thats not exactly the right response to whats really going on.

For someone to be successful with women needs to learn how to be popular and how to make and keep friends. Also needs to learn to be selective and sleep with fewer women to be more desirable. There is no difference in the vibe of a woman that has slept with 300+ guys and a man that has slept with 300+ women.Even though that above image will never make Kid Rock good at anything in life,Well,a guide on how you can have incredible first dates. Just enter your name and email below to receive your free copy!itmustbe a powerful concept.they are fat or smelly and their social skills suck!Id like to give you First Date Blueprint,seeing an image like that magazine cover will force her to reconsider her perception of him. If it can work for Kid Rock,risk-taking,let me tell you something youve been fooled.The Most Straightforward Dating & Seduction ResourceAs a thank you for visiting my site,but most other men dont recognize. They only see the external.Your information will never be shared or sold to a 3rd party.They have instantly recognized high status wherever they go.This has led you to believe that looks and money are very important when it comes to attracting women since women everywhere fantasize about these famous men all the time!dominance,

The real reason women obsess over rich, handsome celebrities is because women obsess over rich, handsome celebrities.

Women want rich handsome men because they are physically attractive, confident and can offer them a relaxed lifestyle if they decide to settle down .

Of course, looks are a factor when it comes to attraction, even if its not as important of a factor as most people think. However, you may have noticed that women are always obsessing over rich, handsome celebrities on the magazine covers.

Preselection and social proof are very powerful forces indeed. The instinctual desire for high status men predates modern marketing techniques in magazine publishing, so the latter are able to short-circuit the attraction process to their advantage.

Powerful enough to fool the whole world into thinking that its all about looks and money.

All is not as it seems. Theres something else going on behind the scenes in a womans brain, and what you see on the outside looks completely different from whats really going oninside.

A man is not wanted because plenty of women want him. Plenty of women want him because he is good . Competition is not attractive. On the contrary, competition with other women is a turn off because it is an indication that he will never want to settle down or he will never be faithful. Most women are insecure anyway. Why would someone want to add doubt to an insecure person?

Those rich handsome celebrities you see on the magazine covers are very consciously marketed by the media to make people perceive them as desired by women. A woman will see these celebrities and perceive that every woman wants them, so that automatically and subconsciously makes her want them. Most of the time, it works really well.