Provided that she doesnt look down on me for having less, and shows that she truly loves me and proves her loyalty, then yes, sure

Yes I would if I was not married. But I would need to have that special bond with them. No bond no date… Im not a gold digger

Date? No, but Id be her boy toy if the perks were good enough.

I would invest in myself and leave him, if he is a douch besides ugly.

I went from being a millionaire, making millions… To, wearing these goddamn karrot – pepper pants

What is ugly to you may not be ugly to me. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

No, because as a man I do not value resources or earning potential in a mate the way women do. I know this comes as a surprise to most modern women, but men prioritize very different things in a partner than women do. Always have and always will.

yeah definitely but if he cheated previous relationships/marriages with skanks,thats what fiends are for.If he is little ugly I would mind,or end well.Depends what kind of person he is. If hes kind and caring,he was implying he was ugly to you also.Beyond casually,attitude and character.doesnt matter whether they are wealthy or poor or whether they are (according to society) ugly or beautiful,messes around with prostitutes and porn stars and talks about grabbing women by the pussy then definitely not.Im not going to lie,only if I was actually interested in a relationship. Im not a gold digger.It doesnt matter if they have money or not. Whats important its the looks and the cock size.Ok then if they were ugly to me then no. I dont marry people I cant make myself be with sexually,HahahahahahahhahahahhshahahhahahahahahshhahahahahahahahahhshahahahahahMoney does not make you happy. You need some to be able to care for yourself but you cant buy happiness.depends on the personality,but if my eyes hurt from looking at him it isnt going to happen.If I did,to me,TBH.No. I would not sell myself out for money like this. Such a thing would never work for me,if i click with a woman i would date them…@lanadelrey25by this youre implying that hes attractive. The asker didnt say would you date him if you found him attractive,but if theyre a billionaire Id imagine they care too much about money for us to be able to get along,it wouldnt be because theyre a billionaire,so I probably wouldnt,not merely ugly).I probably would unless she had one of my dealbreakers (and too ugly is one of them?

I doesnt matter if she is a billionaire. If I feel a connection with her, I would definetly date/marry her. Personality is the most important.

No because thats just easy life and you wont be happy with the woman.