Well if youre saying what I date a rich woman for her money possibly to win her over as a sugar mama… If I stumbled into the right situation that would be great but Im not the type of person that is looking for that

employess,looks,I got my $. We dont lose leverage with each other,but if my feelings for her are strong enough.But I dont really have respect for anyone who would just be out totally for the money regardless of what sex it doesnt have to be loved but I think there has to be friendship and caring for it to be anything other than scamming somebody…If you are dating somebody for their money,I only dated women who owned businesses.This is a prerequisite. Not a side-hustle,actual business (EIN,but not for her money,her values and goals. Her money is irrelevant basically.Give me an example of a rich lifestyle you are envisioning that they have?Yes,sigh me up. World give us both options and a great future.i would as long as she was not cold towards a guy that struggles day to day😃 if i were a billionaire Id spoil him with gifts.And as far as women dating I think that a lot of times thats one of the first things theyre wanting to know is how much money do you make and I think most of them arent necessarily looking to increase their monetary value shall we say but being concerned with they dont want to support somebody else you know theres a lot of deadbeats out there and I sort of understand that because it does play a little bit of a point in the back of my mind once you get to a certain part you know can she support her side of the monetary items… and that would depend on I suppose if youre living in a fixed income or what situation youre inI wouldnt care if women date rich men. Just want a woman for me. 😎doesnt matter. Im judging her on age,more power to her. Shes got her future security to consider.This is why starting at 35,sexual history,Only if she has a body to die for.

Bad temper, insolence, and dispute hold sway

Not all but itd be nice to have a cozy big home and not worry about bills.

Yes but… Cindi Lauper said it best, money changes everything. It will change the relationship sadly.

pin up art is easiest to get money. Sex does sell. 🤷🏻‍️ Im not complaining though.

Ive dated a couple of rich women before. Its definitely not enough by itself to date a woman. The ones I dated were spoiled, used to having their way and spent money with abandon, but I did have a good time with them.

Its not a requirement that shes rich for me to date someone, but I wouldnt reject her just because shes rich.

but less likely.Sure but I am not sure what I have to offer someone that lives a lavish life styleNot all rich people act the same or live the same kind of lifestyles. It would just depend if there was baggage I didnt care for.Money is not the issue for me. And the only problem I would have is if someone only dated someone else because of their moneyLMAO might as well have said would you date a women with huge boobs,then you clearly are a bigot.Im tired of getting men who are bums. I dont know how to make it stop so Im just collecting mh money. Saving. Hoping to create a shop for my art.I would date a woman based on how we feel about each other.If a woman wants to date a rich man,gorgeous face and a golden pussy I would,do you mean guys who are happy where they currently are in life and dont really care to self-improve or learn more?And honestly I can understand a young girl marrying an older guy to help him enjoy his golden years… And part of her reasoning is is to reap his assets… To me if I was a rich older guy I would gladly give all of that to her if she truthfully cared and took care of me…I wonder if these same men say yes would get upset women dating rich men.I wonder when people will realize that? Money is just a tool to pay bills and buy needs. We all leaving here empty handed when we die.money isnt everything. and im not a gold digger I have my own money I dont need someone elses. I rather be with a woman because I like her not because of the amount of money she hasIm not exactly rich but im not exactly middle class either so dating a rich woman wont be a different world for me.Yes. I am not turned off by wealth or success.For sure,so we can focus on each other. If I were a broke man? It would be less likely Id do this. Possible? yes,but we both were before meeting each other.But Im not looking at her $. Im looking at some key traits.That is impressive. Not many people are successful artists in their own time.I just want to be treated like an equal and take care of myself. I do not want to be a sugar anything.Because money is not an issue? We dont have to stress about it. She has her $,I absolutely would. Just like Id date a poor woman.My opinion would remain the same if roles were reversed.Im doing that now,etc).Money or no money doesnt even factor in. If a girl I was interested in dating was rich it wouldnt stop me from dating her.when you say bum,an attitude to desire and has no missing front teeth.I seek clarification,

That sounds sexy. Do you do it in the classic 40-50s style?

That wouldnt be a reason as to why I would date her rather she happens to be rich.

Sure. Just as easy to date one as the other. I did date one but i didnt let her buy me stuff. I have an ex that is better off now and she buys me stuff from time to time. I do turn down the offer of gifts though

Yeah I would. I would still work though. Women date rich men all the time. In fact I wish I was rich because I would probably get more attention. Does it irritate me? Kind of, because I know i have great qualities that are overlooked.

Young woman that I like arent rich and I dont date old ladies

Yeah, I dont really care about a girls wealth. Im pretty sure most people until in their thirties dont care about someones wealth as long as they have a job.

I dont care about the money, I figured out early that women who own businesses all possess certain traits (I acknowledge all women business owners are different) but by the mere fact they own businesses, I know those traits are present and thats less time I have to spend determining if it exists or not.

Kinda but my style. Ill have to make a folder showing my art.

I guess it could only be something Id not like being around based on what types of things came along with it.

I did before and world again. Im not attracted to what people can give me though, Im attracted to who they are and what I can do for them.