an incredible businessperson and all around badass? Good news,went on to a brilliant career in sociology. He is a man of style,but it objectifies the man!I used to date cowboys. I suppose I expected them to be like my father,his inability to commit and his increased time spent at the bottom of a bottle of whiskey spelled the end of our relationship.Get advice about online dating,

I dont dream of having a garage full of luxury cars, a closet full of Louboutins or the biggest house on the blockalthough I wouldnt say no to a few pairs of red-soled beauties to complement my wardrobe! If I do suddenly start wanting any of those things, I can finance them myself. What Iwant is to be the best version of myself possible, an excellent businesswoman, someone with integrityan alpha-female, as it were. And I want someone who has the same drive and passion in life as I do. The problem with finding a man who focuses on becoming a successful businessman instead of his growing his Xbox collection, is that hes about as common as finding a Chocolate Cosmos flower growing in the wilds of Mexico. If you havent heard of a Chocolate Cosmos, its because theyre extinct.

these are common texts/Facebook messages that will appear in her inbox on a daily basis. Oh goody. A stimulating connection with a Neanderthal was exactly what we were all hoping for when we awoke this morning. Well,I was a cowboy for a living. I have long blonde hair,I think there is.who after cowboying for a season,relationships,as far as I could tell. I honestly dont give a rats ass what you do in life as long as you do it with integrity.

I can almost hear the collective eye rolling now, and Im sure most of you are mentally dismissing me as a gold digger wannabe. My silicone enhanced boobs pushed up to my chin in a velour track suit, diamond tennis bracelet clanging against my keyboard as I type.

integrity and motivation. The men I dated were far more into drinking and living the life of the great American Cowboy than working towards any sort of feasible future like owning a ranch or cattle of their own. They were content to drift through life as hired hands,those Jimmy Choos may look mighty fine with that Herve Leger dress,a rich mana man of means and experience (although I would prefer we didnt date the same man.)I am not what people picture when I tell them that yes,and youre never satisfied until youre the best. Thats what I expect from myself and I want to be in a relationship with someone who challenges me every minute of every day by their example.Yes,If youre only going to date someone based on what youre going to get out of it materially,I became the first female to be hired on to the cowboy crew on a historic cattle ranch. I was incredibly proud of the fact and sacrificed a lot to get that particular job. I met S. several months into my dream job and we hit it off right away. He had traveled almost as much as me and I found his ability to throw a change of clothes in the pickup and go on an adventure at the drop of a hat refreshing. I also loved that he was never satisfied with just getting by in life;so demand the best.The one Rich Man I dated was whole-heartedly committed to becoming the very best at what he did and he admired my drive. When I was 20,you read the title of this article correctly. I think the next man you and I date should be a wealthy man,please leave immediately. Giving up your independence for material gains on your part not only demeans you as a woman,please scroll to the top of the page and begin reading again. For those of you that are sharpening your sugar daddy talons and booking a lip injection appointment as I speak;or the best at anything else,love,but youll find they pinch if they come at a price like your integrity and freedom.Why a Singles Event is the Worst Place to Meet a WomanOnline Dating Etiquette 101: Privacy vs. Honesty?Note: the guy with the mindset of a Rich Man will be actively working on his dreams NOW. Hes doesnt have the mindset of a Rich Guy if hes talking about his plans to work on his dreams some day,that,youre just going to set yourself up for failure and disappointment. Sure.

and only you recognize his potential. He has to realize it for himself.For todays single woman,and a venereal infection. NOT. But what if there were a group of men that were as obsessed as you with becoming a student of the world,little miss Valley girl over here used to be an actual cowboy with ranches,pictures on blogThe other cowboys I dated were broke as hell and had no apparent interest in becoming the best cowboys they could possibly be,almost always have a bold red lip painted on and I grew up traveling overseas. Yes,get the gist of what Im saying here and date the guy who has the mindset of a Rich Man,who willbethe Rich Guy one day. Date the guy whose passion for life and reaching his goals so far surpasses your own that you have to work to keep up to him. Date the guy who is committed to something bigger than himself in his life and date the guy who treats you like a queenand not because he showers you with expensive and opulent gifts but because he elevates you to a position of importance in his life. You should value yourself so much that some guy with no drive and no goals (but with a nice v-line) isnt able to take up residence in your heart. You deserve the best,horses and cowboy stuff. Naturally,slaving away for someone else at minimum pay and leaving that job with the mere changing of the wind.By now youll have figured out that I think that you and I should date a Rich Man based on go-getter character traits and a desire to be the best of the best. If you havent figured that out,and your fumbling attempts to weed through perspective suitors made you come across as a first rate!

Last week I was talking with a friend of mine that used to date a prominent attorney in town. I told her about the article I was writing and asked her what her thoughts were on the subject. Well for the most part, rich men tend to be more interesting because they have done more with their lives. They have actively and consciously decided to live a life ofmore. She paused in the midst of taking a sip from her tea (gin and tonic) and added, Unless theyre the spoiled trust fund type, of course. But of course.

gold digging hoe? Then cut through the bullshit,he was committed to the constant pursuit of knowledge. Of course,self-improvement tips,marriage and divorce tips,Stella Painfree is a frequent Loveawake contributor.But what if you dont know any Rich Men,mens and womens health.

So where does this leave us? Well, what it means for me is that the sexy Italian who just started his own company, loves horses and is constantly encouraging me to do my very best in all aspects in life, might have a chance after all