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December 16,url:/GMA/video/extreme-cougar-wives-women-date-younger-men-17792266–Now Playing:Millions of Americans in need await possible 2nd stimulus checkNow Playing:The Breakdown Mitch McConnell says Congress close to COVID-19 relief dealtitle:Extreme Cougar Wives: When Women Date Younger Men,mediaType:default,id:17792266,description:TLCs new show explores older womens relationships with much younger men.,Now Playing:Gas station cashier gets a new car after his story goes viral Tik TokTLCs new show explores older womens relationships with much younger men.This transcript has been automatically generated and may not be 100% accurate.Coming up in the nextcountdown countdownlblNow Playing:Last 24 hours pandemics deadliest day in USTurn on desktop notifications for breaking stories about interest?© 2020 ABC News Internet Ventures. All rights reserved.Now Playing:Investigation begins after police bodycam shows botched raidNow Playing:Tiger Woods and son prepare for father-son tournamentNow Playing:Massive cyberattack hits federal agenciesTo save your interests across all devicesLog InorSign UpNow Playing:ABC News Live Prime: Tuesday,section:ABCNews/GMA,2020Now Playing:Representative raises drink to a bipartisan dealNow Playing:Modernas COVID vaccine 2nd cleared by FDA panelduration:2:56,

Extreme Cougar Wives: When Women Date Younger Men

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Extreme Cougar Wives: When Women Date Younger Men

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What is it about cougars and cubs? Were not talking wildlife. We mean older women and younger men who date them. A new show extreme cougar lives explores women in relationships with men, young enough not to be just their sons but their grandsons. Abcs nick watt takes a look. Reporter: There were samanthas exploits on tv. Stifflers mom on the big screen. Finch, are you trying to seduce me? Yes, maam, I am. Reporter: The modern-day mrs. Robinson. And most famously, demi, in real life. So, whats life like for everyday cougars and their cubs? Meet octavio. Hes 28. Are you single? No, Im not. I have a girlfriend. Reporter: And here she is, stephanie. Hi, honey. Hi, honey. Reporter: Shes 65 years old. And she is octavios girlfriend. Thats right. His girlfriend. Im a widow. And I was tired of being a widow. I was trying to date men in my own age range. I would say, okay. Lets go hiking up paseo miramar. I nearly killed one man. Reporter: She met him in the restaurant he works. Theyve been together ever since that night. I like a few wrinkles around the eyes. Thats a beautiful thing. With a smile like that, he can pretty much have any woman he wants. I like older women. Reporter: You always liked older women? All my life. They carry themselves with a bit of confidence. I find that sexually appealing. Reporter: They are on cougar lives. Meet jude, and kevin, who is 21. I met him through my daughter. They went to middle school together. Reporter: And now, theyre married. It went pretty well. Until they had to kelkevins parents. We kind of got married. Huh? So, shes your new mother. Reporter: This show is littered with perplexed stares and a little revulsion. I dont get it. A 28-year-old man going for a 65-year-old women, when theres women like us, who are beautiful. Reporter: Even octavios friends dont really get it. I like stephanie as a person. I dont like her with octavio. This is someone my own age. Reporter: Does that hurt you a little bit? Does it hurt me? Sure. You know, Im human. Reporter: Where does it go? Or who cares? Who cares? It goes to tomorrow. And then, if tomorrows good, it goes to the next day. Reporter: And today, well, its their one-year anniversary. Happy anniversary. Cheers. Cheers. Reporter: Good morning america, nick watt, abc news, los angeles.