Im just wondering if its something guys think about. It doesnt seem like a common fantasy among them.

nothing a middle class person cant buy. Its just,but she must be latina or else no.Why do you ask this question? I am very interested in knowing why.First at all I would say it does not depand on the money. If I rlly love a person I dont care is she is rich or poor or got a disease or a kid.Right but a rich person might be more liberal with their purchases.I dated a girl that made 3x what I made and it was weird because the restaurants she frequented would be ones I think guys propose in. (Like Dennys or IHOP lol jk like 5 star restaurants) and I knew if I married her and she got sick and had to quit her job I would not bring in enough to support her and thats terrifying… She was amazed by the fact that Id go cliff diving without a tour guide and make dinner to eat at the park we enjoyed each others company but I was done after a dinner meeting with her company where people were overly critical of my $60 shoes and my $40 shirt (everyone was in suits with leather shoes that wouldnt last me a year they are so frail and just for looks) she encouraged me a lot and offered me a white collar job but Im not made for an office she brought it up over and over again. I was done I dont think that I want to do that again…Because she could buy you thinks? I dont know.Doesnt really matter as long as shes girlfriend makes a lot more money than i do. But we bolth work hard. and. Share everything. Whats mine is hers too even i have less. and. Same with her having more. shes good with it and so am i lol.theyre more likely to not buy things with credit,not really a fantasy – especially when young when it is all about looks.If I like her,middle class people,I wouldnt seek a rich woman.than yeah,I do not care about a womans wealth,except that she should not expect me to support her entirely.Nope i dont because sooner or later shes going tk become a housewife and in my book,yesIf I were single again,struggle to pay them off more than richer peopleHowever,money = power and that can be an aphrodisiac just like it is for women with men.No,its the man who provides for his woman not the opposite.Eh,

and vice versa. She doesnt mind that i make less…

I would if I really liked her but Id feel uncomfortable that she makes more than me and I wouldnt spend her money.

yes and no. more depends on her personality. then her cashflow or net worth.

N. b. 3-5k based on what I was looking at

idc if they are rich or not, i would never ask her for money even of i had a rich girlfriend, the only problem i would have is that getting her a gift that would make her happy would probably be harder

like she is a rich old lady, wants me a young man and willing to help me out financially.

I would love her regardless of her wealth, but never because of her wealth.

Indifferent. If the right one is rich, then yes I would like to date a rich woman. If she isnt, then no.

It wouldnt disqualify her, but Id guess she would probably be accustomed to a lifestyle that wouldnt fit me.

Not particularly… if I were interested in dating a woman, it would be because I found the woman, not her money, attractive.

To me the idea of buying something with my wifes money sounds very offputting and emasculating.

I have dated a woman who had money (both my exes were better off than me to be fair) I went to get my watch strap adjusted not long after buying it and went to a dealer and while the work was being done in the backroom I was looking at watches for the future and she offered to buy me one… I refused as it wouldnt feel right if I didnt earn it and I could make a gesture anywhere close to what she offered

I dont give a shit if a woman is rich or famous. If shes my type, Im making a move. If she rejects me, move on with no butt-hurt feelings.