London underestimated takeup for HK visa offer

The 44-year-old earlier this month announced that he was seeking single females over 20 willing to vie to become his girlfriend for a documentary to be aired on streaming service AbemaTV.

He also outlined an ambitious overseas expansion plan that wildly undershot targets, leading to a crash in the companys share price.

Maezawa said he is extremely remorseful about the decision to pull out, apologizing to the applicants and AbemaTV staff in posts on Twitter, where he is Japans most followed account with more than 7 million followers.

TARNISHED REPUTATION:A report showed that Swiss authorities allowed Chinese officials to roam freely and conduct interviews and interrogations unsupervised The Swiss this week strongly rejected accusations that a deal allowing Chinese officials to enter Switzerland and interrogate Chinese nationals, which came to light this summer, put dissidents at risk. Switzerland entered into a so-called readmission agreement with China in 2015. The deal expired on Monday. The agreement, which remained a secret until Swiss newspaper NZZ revealed its existence in August, specified the terms for Chinese officials to travel to the country and interrogate Chinese nationals set for deportation. Asia-focused rights group Safeguard Defenders this week published the text of the deal, plus a report about how it differed from similar agreements with

ERASE MY NAME:Popular singer Tan Weiweis Xiao Juan has thrust into the spotlight the repeated tragedy of women beaten, set on fire or killed by their partners In the torrent of comments below the video of Tan Weiweis () latest single, one summed up the burgeoning anger of Chinese women: The roar of the times should not be buried. This is a war song. For the past six months, Tan, one of Chinas most popular singers, has been releasing singles from her album 3811. The songs tell the stories of women: a taxi driver, a charity worker, a single mother, a 60-year-old woman who cannot read. However, it is her latest single that has made the biggest impact, arriving at a key moment in Chinas reckoning with gender-based

personal attacks of any kind or promotion will be removed and the user banned. Final decision will be at the discretion of the Taipei Times.ASTONISHING:The British government expects about 500,is known for launching big ideas with much fanfare though some of them do not pan out as planned.Maezawa has pledged to give away US$9 million to his Twitter followers in what he says is a social experiment to see if the payment boosts their happiness.CAL unveils cargo aircraft with new body designComments will be moderated. Keep comments relevant to the article. Remarks containing abusive and obscene language,The founder and former chief executive of online fashion retailer Zozo,000 Hong Kongers to apply for resettlement,which Maezawa last year sold to Softbank Group,a product that did not work well in practice.a new advocacy group has said. The group,000,

but that number is likely to exceed 600,a polka-dot bodysuit that allowed users to collect body measurements to order custom-made clothes,a group said Hong Kong residents are likely to move to the UK faster than the British government has anticipated and more should be done to prepare for their arrival,he launched the Zozosuit,HongKongers in Britain,but HongKongers in Britain said theAs Zozo chief executive,allowing those with colonial-era British National Overseas (BNO) status to obtain visas and pursue a path to citizenship. The British Home Office has already said it expects nearly half a million people to take up the offer over its first three years,surveyed territory residents hoping to emigrate under a new British government scheme that opens next month?

Japanese fashion billionaire Yusaku Maezawa has pulled out of a documentary search for a girlfriend to take on his voyage around the moon with Elon Musks SpaceX, citing his mixed feelings about participating.

China suspected of spying on Americans phones

INSPIRATION:An official at the facility said the Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico had helped the Chinese designers to improve the telescope in Guizhou Province Nestled among the mountains in southwest China, the worlds largest radio telescope signals Beijings ambitions as a global center for scientific research. The Five-hundred-metre Aperture Spherical Telescope (FAST) the only significant instrument of its kind after the collapse of another telescope in Puerto Rico this month is about to open its doors for foreign astronomers to use, hoping to attract the worlds top scientific talent. The worlds second-largest radio telescope, at the Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico, was destroyed when its suspended 900-tonne receiver platform came loose and plunged 140m onto the radio dish below. Wang Qiming (), chief inspector of