Here on the other side Eric ranged the door bell of Emily. He seems more nervous than Emily. He never been like this when he goes to dates which was rarely last he go to date when he was in college that didnt last long because she is after his money. But Emily was different.

He was also looking handsome and hot in that suit. Any girl can fall for him just for his looks. He offered his to her. She gladly took his hand moved to his Ferrari.(how many cars does he have??)

assistantbillionairebusinessbusinesswomanceocutelovedaughterentrepreneurfamilyfashiondesignerfather-daughterfeelingshappyhaymurheiressloveatfirstsightmysteryrelationshipwattys2019They went to restaurant which was situated in outside of the city and near to beach. It was not so fancy but looking beautiful. She instantly like it. Well ofcourse he knows that she dont like fancy restaurants. He took her to backyard where a decorated table was situated. It is really beautiful.Taddaa…Today was nobody pov.My pov only for small…(A.N: I didnt mean to add the car but this is for my friend who was going to die after seeing this..)

His thoughts were broken by sound of door opening to see emily wearing the dress he was given. He brought that when he went to Paris, the first thing he thought seeing the dress was his love so he immediately brought it and it fits perfectly. She was looking like an angel to him with baby pink dress and light makeup. When he saw her blushing he realized he was looking at her than usual.

Emily was just graduated got job as PA of Jacob king the CEO of king industries, Fell in love with Eric Williamson who is apparently a grandson of Jacob. Pampering father and lovely boyfriend with huge paid job. Life is great right… But what if a…

Emily was ready wearing the dress Eric gifted. She seemed very nervous because it was her first date. Dress looks really beautiful and fits perfectly on her. She thoughtHow in the world he knows my dress??? (perks of being billionaire!!!)