One thing come to my mind did like me too? Or Im just a fling to him like other billionaire do. I dont have answers to both so I went silently into house.

Diana and rose hugged me before going back. Ron also went with them but with some nervous.

As I said words Ron seemed to become nervous I dont know why I think something going between them. Any howI will find though.

okay! We will leave now aunt marry. See you again. Charles said to grandma.

Im sorry but I wanted to talk to you alone which cant get in the house.

To be fact I really liked him when I first meet him, today at the meeting I began to respect him. Now, he didnt even take the advantage my respect towards him increased more and I like him more. I know this is wrong I cant help it.

right?? she said caressing my head. She is so sweet how can I reject such a sweet request.His face became like thousand watts bulb. He looks really happy I smiled seeing him happy it was like giving some relief in the heart.yes!!I pinched the bridge of my nose he seems to be understand our position he left me instantly warm was gone.oh!You can be alone at your house. Why dont you sleep here for night and go tomorrow.and tomorrow is a weekend.I hesitated first but by seeing his behavior today and honest in his eyes my answer come out unconsciously okay!You are not trouble at all. Youre like my grand daughter to me. So,I cant leave you alone. So,granny I cant. I will go to my apartment. I dont want you trouble.would you like to go on a date with me? he asked nervously.I went to inside Eric gone for talk something in his phone. Granny asked me who is it Milly?Emily was just graduated got job as PA of Jacob king the CEO of king industries,Fell in love with Eric Williamson who is apparently a grandson of Jacob. Pampering father and lovely boyfriend with huge paid job. Life is great right… But what if a…I was about to go back when someone dragged me to secret place of garden which cant be shown in the house. I turned to see the person was on and only the ERIC WILLAMSON. (I cant deny all viewers request. Im sure if it someone will going to kill me.)assistantbillionairebusinessbusinesswomanceocutelovedaughterentrepreneurfamilyfashiondesignerfather-daughterfeelingshappyhaymurheiressloveatfirstsightmysteryrelationshipwattys2019 yes!I replied quietly I still have the impact what happened some time ago.Nothing just holding you. You look beautiful in this dress. I blushed at his complement.When I see our position I literally freacked out of mind. He was so close to me that I can feel his breath on my face his arms around my waist tightly and my hands on his chest. I started to move but he didnt let me move instead get grip on me. Its like he was in some daze.!my roommate granny she said she is going to club with her office friends. She will late.thank you!!I will pick you up tomorrow at Seven at your home. To be honest Im really happy right now. (I can see it!just control yourself Eric)No,I would like to.its okay!!!youre going to stay here.

what are yo-you do-doing Eric? I shutters.

We both went into living room Eric joined in our way.

um! Emily? he suddenly seem to be nervous.

okay!! But I will leave in morning.