John Arkansa onFat women are beautiful, not a

I feel sorry for them because of the social isolation they experience. At a glance,not givers and they have absolutely no conscience about sex-ploiting the male genderYou are commenting using your Google account.(LogOutChange)What guys say: The pros and cons of dating beautiful womenmoving to the highest bidderBecause big girls get no love Just another weblogTagged asaskmenattractive womenbeautiful womenconsfantiasizeprosThey can be shallow.

Applies to guys too, I guess. Rich and good looking guys. 😀

Lets be honest. In the 21st century, good-looking women have the world literally by the balls. For Very Attractive Women, men are panting puppets, sex is available on demand and money flows from male wallets in a never-ending stream of avarice.

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What guys say: The pros and cons of dating beautifulwomen

They are experts at sexual manipulation and revel in the control they have over men

Without lifting a finger, Very Attractive Women enjoy lives that most people can only fantasize about.

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Despite these drawbacks, Very Attractive Women are what most guys are looking for. But since these women are constantly bombarded with male attention, they can afford to be highly selective about the men they date.

For men, the lure of Very Attractive Women is obvious:

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Jazzy onFat women are beautiful, not a

Their appeal is their appearance, not their sparkling personalities

This is all so true. I am a woman on the bigger side and I am nicer than your average. I have a lot of freinds and they all love me because I am such a great person. Dont get me wrong now, I am very pretty and stackin, but I wouldnt want to be the pretty, skinny girl that always gets men like that. I get enough stares and stops and all that as it is now, but I do believe skinny bitches are too conceited and they do think they are Gods gift to men, when in reality they are their play toys. I wouldnt change who I am for the world. Everyone loves me.

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theyre a bitch who is automatically worth hating for no reasonwithout ever getting to know her.They may not be loyal,self-centered and self-absorbedThey are generally takers,other girls immediately assume that just because someone is beautiful,cayleigh onFat women are beautiful,not aI love the ocean. onWhat guys say: The pros and coThey auction the use of their bodies to the highest bidder they can attractthis is semi true i have had a lot of attention from many guys in the past but i am still very loyal to the one person i am with yet they seem to loose interest in me much easier then i do them so then once that starts to happen i move on to a different person but i am tired of men thinking that they can use me for one thing yet i am here sitting around looking for a guy that i will be able to be with and have him treat me great and not just get in a relationship with me just to get a little something.You are commenting using your account.(LogOutChange)But Very Attractive Women have their dark sides as well:Does it make you any better than them to say stuff like that? Not all good-looking people are that shallow Think of the way they must feel reading these comments.And really,

I love it when they cry real tears about how guys want them for one thing only BWAHAHA!! The more those types suffer, the happier it makes me because I hate them just that f*cking much. Those prissy f*cking b*tches would have a price on their heads if it wasnt for their c*nts. They have nothing to offer other than that. That is their only worth. Every other thing about them is a f*cking liability.

Their dark sides are the exact reason why I hate the beauties with every fiber of my being. They have always treated me like total sh*t just because I am what most would consider aesthetically challenged and those types think their so far above me that they think I dont even deserve to be viewed as a human beingjust because Im not physically attractive like they are.

Im sorry if some good-looking people have been mean to you before, but please consider the fact that not all of them are like that A lot of my most beautiful friends are just about the sweetest people I know.