feminism is mainstream nowadays, a lot of western men dont like the current dating culture in western countries. If you analyze feminism carefully, you would realize that its been used by the elite and the Establishment for financial reasons: In our grandparents generation, women didnt have jobs & a guy could support his entire family and buy a house with his income. But after feminism has become a real thing, women started to have jobs. However, today even a man and his wife both have jobs, they still find it really difficult to buy a house these days. Now I wonder why.

you can have a stable love life. By that I mean your Eastern European girlfriend would look after you because she has traditional values. Apparently, that is the right candidate for marriage and family. If you actually plan to get married one day, you should totally consider marrying an Eastern European bride who will respect you, cherish you and take care of you.

Answer: You can see confirmed profile on some dating profiles. That means we have interviewed the lady in person and have checked & verified her ID documents to make sure the information on her dating profile matches the information in her official documents. That is to say, we can confirm that this womans identity is definitely real and she is a genuine lady looking for a serious relationship with a western man. Please note that we actually check all womens information before their dating profiles are approved online.

Answer: We dont have anything against the LGBTQ community. Our website just isnt for the LGBTQ community because this dating site is for straight people to find love online. There are many LGBTQ dating sites on the market if you are interested in those. We highly recommend LGBTQ dating websites that can cater for your needs if you like. Those who are interested in straight dating and marriage should join our dating site.

It can be seen that most western men who are married to western women arent really happy. A New York family lawyer says the failure rate of marriage in the United States is around 80% because many couples are divorced and a lot of couples are unhappily married. Only 20% of them are actually happily married. Sad but true

Yes, a person can feel extremely lonely even though they are in a relationship! If the relationship is wrong or doesnt work, that type of loneliness is tremendous and overwhelming.

but obesity has already become common everywhere in all western countries.Answer: We started this international marriage agency in 1999 and have been in this industry for more than two decades already,so we can safely say we know what we are talking about and we are verygood at what we do.Russian girls and Russian women living in EuropeRussian women actresses,Eastern European women arent feminists (at least most of them are still very traditional). Thats why a large number of western men are looking to meet and date Eastern European women by joining the Russia dating app / Ukraine dating app.International dating is very commonplace in todays day and age because more and more people are open-minded andcurious about foreign cultures. Whats more,you can see an attractive woman who looks like a model in Ukraine. A lady like that can easily become a model in western countries where the majority of women are either overweight or ugly. I know this isnt the most pleasant thing to say,very important,Eastern European girls look better I know this is very,artists and musiciansmany western men have started to figure this out and they prefer women who arent thinking about feminism all the time. Interestingly,a growing number of western men have realized that the most beautiful women in the world are in Eastern Europe,the dynamics can be very different because they can maintain erotic friction which is good for their marriage. That means the guy can be a real man as the woman is a real woman. This type of erotic polarity keeps the spark alive in their marriage. Yet western men who are married to western women may find it harder to maintain sparky relationships because most western women are not really that feminine in this day and age. Small wonder so many western men are joining the Russian dating app and the Ukraine dating app.especially in Russia and Ukraine.when a western man is married to an Eastern European woman,right? If you go to Ukraine,you will notice that most ladies in the street are extremely hot. Every minute,

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feminism has lowered the average salary by sending women to the labor force. When the number of people in the labor force has doubled, the average salary has to become lower automatically. This is sad but true. Now you know what feminism is actually for.

the divorce rate is lower when western men are married to Eastern European women. It is said that the divorce rate in western countries is about 50%, and how about the rest? Are they actually, really happily married? Or are they unhappily married and stressed out? Or do they feel lonely in their marriages?